What Type of Lawyer Handles Car Accidents?

With so many lawyers out there who specialize in different parts of the law, how can you tell which lawyers represent car accidents?

There are several ways you can spot a reliable car accident attorney. That will include someone who has had years of experience in the personal injury realm, has awards from the law community, and has a history of wins in the courtroom. 

Learn more about what you should look for in your car accident attorney. 

What to Look for When Hiring a Car Accident Attorney

Every car accident case is unique, so finding an experienced attorney is essential for securing the best settlement for your or your loved one’s injuries. Without an expert injury lawyer, you won’t know the actual value of your case and may settle for a lowball offer from the insurance company. 

But how do you know what to look for when hiring a car accident attorney if you’ve never been in an accident before? 

Here are our top tips for finding a lawyer you can rely on for the best outcome. 

Find Reliable Reviews

There are some deceptive reviews out there for attorneys. So before you hire someone, make sure they have a positive history with their clients. Go to independent review sites that an attorney can’t manipulate or remove negative responses. Look for specific examples that back up both negative and positive reviews. 

Was the attorney quick to respond to communication attempts? Were they clear about case expectations and kept the client up-to-date? Did the lawyer continue with negotiations to get the best possible result? These characteristics are what to look for when hiring a car accident attorney. 

A Track Record of Success

When you go on an attorney’s site, you should find examples of their past successes quickly. First, you’ll want to look at what cases they won a large settlement.

There is a big difference between negotiation and litigation cases. While going to court may be exciting, it will also cost more in court fees that will come out of a final settlement. Settling in negotiation saves you time, stress, and money. So, look for an attorney who has had significant results both inside and outside the courtroom. You want a great negotiator who will also represent you well if you have to go to trial to get an insurance company to pay. 

Personal Injury Specialization

Personal injury is an entirely different ball game than criminal proceedings, contract law, divorce settlements, etc. While a criminal lawyer could represent you in your car wreck case, they won’t have the experience and skills to get you the best outcome. 

So before you go hiring someone who can help, make sure you’re hiring someone who has dedicated their career to helping car wreck victims like you or your loved one. You only want the best to ensure fair compensation for the pain and suffering the accident caused. 

Look at their bio on their site. If they list off all sorts of “specialties” that have nothing to do with car wrecks, motorcyclists, pedestrian accidents, or truck crashes, move on to an expert. 

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