What Auto Insurance Companies Use Colossus Claim Adjusting Software?

Colossus Claim Adjusting Software is becoming increasingly popular, with most of the top auto insurers using it to calculate the amount they need to pay out to settle a car accident claim. Since this amount depends on the specific data regarding injury and treatment, it’s essential that every detail of a patient’s treatment is in the system and reflected correctly.  Auto insurers compile this data and compare it to other similar claims, ensuring the insurance companies don’t pay out too much to settle claims. 

What Specific Things Does Colossus Consider? 

When gathering data, Colossus considers specific factors that will ultimately affect the amount of a car crash settlement. These are the most common things to be aware of in the event of a car wreck: 

  • Pre-existing Injuries. A car accident can aggravate pre-existing conditions. It’s crucial to have records that establish these injuries as occurring before the accident. Also, the degree of suffering from any pre-existing injuries will be in the notes.
  • Injury Diagnostics. Injuries get categorized according to CPT codes, the medical codes that the healthcare industry, and Colossus use. The codes allow the information to be as accurate as possible and ensuring that you get compensated fairly.
  • First Visit and Initial Treatment. The detail is critical when describing initial visits and treatments. Pertinent information includes a doctor’s prognosis, complications, immobilization, and anything else related to the issue at hand.
  • Worker’s Compensation and Prior Injuries. All prior injuries, including any worker’s compensation claims, need to be in the Colossus system. It is necessary because the Colossus system won’t accept Chiropractor PPDs (Permanent Partial Disabilities).
  • General Doctor Visits, Specialists, and Chiropractor Visits. Treatment ratings fall on a scale of importance for Colossus. In this system, chiropractor visits are at the same level as a regular visit to the Doctor. However, specialist visits get ratings for more importance.
  • Physical Therapy and Home Exercise. To count towards a claim, you need to document any physical therapy. The records should include frequency and duration.
  • Medications and Injections. Colossus can distinguish between injections and medicines for treatment and relief, so each medication will need inclusion and explanation.
  • Treatment Delay. The longer the delay in treatment, the less the value of the claim. If treatment gets delayed for legitimate reasons, the reason will need to be in the patient profile.
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Who Uses Colossus Software? 

After an auto crash, it’s crucial to know how insurance companies weigh all of these factors and which insurance companies use them. All the companies below use Colossus: 

  • Utica
  • USAA
  • Travelers Property Casualty Insurance
  • State Auto
  • MetLife Home and Auto
  • Motorist Mutual
  • Mid-Century Insurance
  • Metropolitan Group
  • Keystone Insurance
  • Great American Insurance Company
  • Federated Insurance Group
  • Farmers Insurance
  • Esurance
  • Encompass
  • CNA
  • AXA Insurance
  • American National Property and Casualty
  • American Family Mutual Insurance
  • Allstate Insurance
  • 21st Century Insurance

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