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Houston Lawyer Joe Stephens Seeks Millions for Truck Accident Injury Victim

A Texas man suffered injuries to much of his body in a 2018 trucking accident, including developing CRPS, a chronic and debilitatingly painful medical condition. Houston, TX (July 15th, 2019) – Houston Car accident attorney Joe Stephens has issued a demand letter on behalf of his client, Mr. Williams, seeking a multi-million-dollar settlement for injuries…

Dangerous Products Which Hurt or Kill

Houston personal injury attorney Joe Stephens has handled hundreds of Product Liability Cases. He has battled Ford, GM, Remington, GE, and numerous other manufacturers. Companies who design, manufacture or sell products are legally responsible for providing a safe product. If they provide or manufacture an unsafe product which causes someone to get injured or killed,…

DWI Suspected in Weekend Pile-Up on Sam Houston Tollway

The best Houston car accident attorneys know how deadly a chain reaction, freeway pile-up can be.  Vehicles move so quickly at the high speeds traveled on freeways that once a single accident occurs, frequently other vehicles are ensnared because there isn’t enough time to react and avoid the accident. This leads to a chain-reaction accident,…

Kingwood Mother Backs Over Daughter in Driveway

Houston car accident lawyers know that driving always has the potential to be dangerous. One wrong move or moment of distraction can cause huge repercussions—and even be fatal. People are often lulled into a sense of safety about driving when they are near their homes and other familiar places where they frequently drive. But accidents…

Houston Drivers Can Now Pay for Parking Using Their Mobile Devices

The best Houston car accident attorneys know that looking for parking in this city can cause a lot of stress and headaches. Not to mention add a certain level of danger on the roads because of drivers who may be running late and are frantically looking for parking so they may not be looking where…

Teen Arrested For Weekend Hit-and-Run Accident

A good Houston car accident attorney knows that when people attempt to flee from police, they are more often than not, eventually caught. A hit an run accident over the weekend left a woman severely injured, and her dog was killed in the incident. Late last Friday night, Sharon Kiel was walking her dog in…

Wrong-Way Crash on East Freeway Leaves Motorcyclist Injured

Houston personal injury attorneys know that wrong-way accidents are extremely dangerous. Sometimes they occur because a driver is in unfamiliar territory and misses seeing a sign. And sometimes they happen when people are just being reckless. Early this morning a motorcycle accident occurred on Houston’s East Freeway that left one motorcycle driver injured. There was…

School Bus Ends Up In Ditch After Crash With Cadillac

Houston car accident lawyer know that accidents are a regular part of city life, but when they involve vehicles carrying a large number of people—such as a bus, they are particularly harrowing. On Thursday night, a Spring Branch ISD school bus was hit by a speeding Cadillac near the Katy freeway. Luckily, the school bus…

Fatality From Crashing into Telephone Pole

Houston car accident attorneys are always saddened when drivers meet their own demise in a car accident—especially one that was preventable and avoidable. Driving too fast is one of the top reasons that car accidents occur. The faster the vehicle travels, the less easy it is to control the vehicle, and the less time you…

Police Suspect Attempts to Flee Police and Crashes Car

Houston car accident lawyers are always miffed when potential suspects attempt to flee police, because it never works out well. The suspects are almost always eventually apprehended and once they are, the conditions are far worse than if they had just pulled over in the first place. Frequently, as in the instance that occurred early…

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