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According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, (NHTSA) there are about 6,000,000 car wreck reports in the United States every year. About 40,000 folks are killed due to catastrophic injury and about 3,000,000 injuries occur due to auto accidents. According to NHTSA’s math, about 115 people die each day in vehicle accidents – about one every 13 minutes. Worldwide, about 3,000 people die every year in car crashes according to the World Health Organization.

The Insurance Industry reports that folks who hire a car accident law firm receive about 3 ½ times more money in settlements than they do when they are not represented. (Insurance Research Council Study, 2004).

When an automobile accident or collision occurs because a driver violated the rules of the road, that motorist and the drivers insurance carrier is liable for paying the medical expenses, lost wages, and for suffering and impairment. You need a good automobile injury lawyer in Houston that employs the very best auto accident reconstructionists and will help you get medical care if you do not have health insurance. The liability insurance carrier for the wrongdoer will owe for these expenses, and your payment for these medical providers can be deferred until you receive your settlement.

The greatest cost an individual or family can pay as a result of a car accident is the loss of a life. To lose a loved one in a car accident is a tragic and extremely difficult event to cope with, especially if it was due to another drivers reckless behavior. Unfortunately, more than 90 people die in car accidents in the United States every day.

A family might attempt to bring a wrongful death lawsuit in the event that criminal charges are not filed against the driver who caused the accident. The family may be able to seek reparations in a criminal case that resulted in the loss of their loved one, or seek monetary compensation in order to pay for the expenses that the death in their family has caused. Those who might be considering the pursuit of a wrongful death lawsuit can greatly benefit from an experienced accident attorney to help them navigate the process.

If your family member was the victim of a car accident, you may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit. In Houston, the legal team at The Stephens Law Firm are available 24 hours a day to help you with your claim. Losing a loved one can come at a great personal cost, so they offer a free, no obligation consultation and a no win no fee policy. While monetary compensation will never bring your loved one back, it may help ease some of the financial burden and strain associated with a fatal accident.