West Houston Attorney for Lawsuit Against State Farm Auto Insurance

State Farm is the biggest provider of auto insurance in the United States. Surely that means they’re doing something, right?

Not necessarily—the auto insurer has faced a wave of lawsuits in recent years. If you have State Farm, you may not be getting the fair treatment you thought you were, meaning you could have grounds for a lawsuit.

Litigation Against State Farm Car Insurance Company

The insurer has been in the spotlight in recent years for several shady practices. In 2018, they agreed to pay $250 Million after trying to pay off an Illinois Supreme Court judge in a civil racketeering trial. Then, in 2019, it came to light that the insurer had faked signatures on policies protecting clients against uninsured drivers.

The company has been deceptively making money off car wrecks, and they are doing so at the cost of their clients. If you have State Farm, make sure they aren’t taking advantage of you.

Why Do I Need an Attorney After a Car Wreck?

Part of the reason State Farm is such a successful insurance firm is that most people assume that they won’t be in a car crash and so won’t need an insurance firm to payout. The death toll of car accident-related deaths within Texas was 3,610 in 2019. However, this number does not include everyone injured in a car accident.

If you’re trying to get a fair payout without an attorney, you might want to consider that the company has its own lawyers. These lawyers have the legal expertise to deflect your efforts at every turn. You need an experienced attorney in your corner to fight this kind of power.

Delaying is a common tactic by an insurance firm’s lawyers. So is drowning claimants in legalese that no one but experienced attorneys can understand. Auto insurers know that a car wreck takes a toll on an individual. They know that most people don’t have the time to keep pressuring them to review unfairly low settlements for a car crash.

How to File a Lawsuit Against State Farm After a Car Crash

State Farm assigns many of its cases to a ‘team’ of adjusters in its internal law firm. This team deals with low payouts, meaning if your case goes to this team, it’s unlikely you’ll receive much compensation for your car wreck. It’s a sign that you may have to find a good law firm and file a lawsuit. You can file a lawsuit for insufficient compensation after a car crash.

A lawyer will help file a complaint with the court, bringing the settlement into dispute. The right law firm will know how to deal with the lawyers on the other end. The other side will try to acquire evidence to offer you a smaller sum. With an attorney, you can avoid these traps after a car accident.

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