How to Prevent Car Accidents While Driving in the West Houston Rain

How can a cautious driver prevent car accidents while driving in the rain? Driving in the rain can be very dangerous and causes numerous car crashes in Texas every year. Because there is not frequent rain throughout the year, it can be tough to practice your skills and easy to get caught off guard when it does rain. 

So how can you avoid an accident when driving in the rain? You can take several steps to be safe in the rain. The most important thing is being patient and calm. 

Tips for Avoiding Rainy Road Accidents in West Houston, TX

Read on for more on staying safe and tips for avoiding rainy road accidents. 

Stay Calm and Keep Driving

The worst thing you can do when it starts to rain on the road is panic. Even if it causes you anxiety and worry about the potential of a crash, you need to breathe deeply and think clearly

Remember all of these steps to stay safe and continue driving. Sometimes, the fear of an accident will cause some people to pull over on the side of the road. 

You should never pull over during a rainstorm or heavy downpour. When it rains, the visibility is dangerously low. A vehicle on the side of the road will be hard for other drivers to see, and it becomes a dangerous object that can cause a collision. 

Turn on Your Windshield Wipers and Lights

Once you see raindrops falling onto your windshield, you should immediately turn on your windshield wipers to the appropriate speed to keep your visibility of the road in front of you. 

A significant danger when driving on wet roads is the decreasing visibility as the rain comes down harder. It becomes increasingly more difficult to see in front of you. Turn on your headlights to help the drivers behind and in front of you. 

When the driver in front of you turns on their headlights, you will be able to see more clearly their vehicle and keep yourself at a safe distance behind them. 

And the same goes for the drivers behind you being able to see your car better. 

Drive Slowly

Wet roads are very slick, and cars can start to slide very easily. If your car is traveling too fast, when you step on the brakes, the wheels will start to slide across the pavement instead of slowing you down. This is called hydroplaning

To prevent hydroplaning, you should always drive slowly when the streets are wet. 

If you happen to hydroplane, immediately release the brakes. Step on your brakes gently and repeatedly release to slow down your car without skidding. 

Because it takes so much more time to stop when it is wet, you should also stay at least 2 or 3 full car lengths behind the person in front of you. If they stop suddenly, you will have space to slow down your car without hydroplaning. 

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