Preventing Blind Spot Car Accidents in West Houston

Are you interested in knowing how to prevent blind spot car accidents? All drivers are expected to know where their blind spots are and check them before they put their vehicle in motion. Most blind spot car accidents are completely preventable as long as all drivers follow a few simple tips.

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Here are some tips from our legal team at The Stephens Law Firm to avoid blind spot car wrecks in West Houston. 

Tips for Avoiding Blind Spot Car Wrecks

Know Where Blind Spots Are Located

Are you ready to learn some tips for avoiding blind spot car wrecks? One of the biggest tips is knowing where your vehicle’s blind spots are located. All vehicles have them, but they can vary depending on the size and shape of the vehicle. 

The places that cause a blocked view are:

  • The A-pillars located on the sides of the windshield
  • The B-pillars located behind the front doors
  • The C-pillars located on the sides of the rearview mirror

Don’t Count on Blind Spot Detection Systems

Some vehicles have blind spot detection systems, but they should not be relied on for 100% accuracy. You still need to check around the front and back of your vehicle. 

There are ways to see around them that can make a big difference to your awareness. 

Get in the Habit of Looking Around Blind Spots

Knowing how to see around your blind spots will significantly decrease your chances of getting into a collision. 

The easiest ways to look around the blind spots are:

  • Mirror adjustment
  • Head turn
  • Using the rear and side-view mirrors

These three movements can allow you to compensate for the blocked view created by the pillars of your vehicle on the sides and the back. Taking advantage of these techniques is especially important before reversing, merging into traffic, and changing lanes. 

Hiring a Lawyer in West Houston for a Blind Spot Accident

Unfortunately, blind spot accidents aren’t always avoidable. There’s not much you can do if another vehicle hits your car because they couldn’t see you. Insurers should pay for the damages, but if they refuse, you will need an export blind spot accident attorney to fight for your compensation. 

You may think it should be easy to prove you’re not responsible for the accident on your own. However, figuring out who is accountable for the accident can be tricky. The driver of the car who hit the opposite vehicle is typically found at fault for the collision, but the negligent party depends on the specific details of your accident. It’s also possible that the at-fault driver will attempt to place the blame on you. 

If you believe you are wrongly accused of being liable for a blind spot car collision or are not being compensated by the at-fault driver, you need an attorney. Joe Stephens will offer you superior legal services and help protect your rights in the case. He has over 35 years of experience settling injury and car accident cases in West Houston and the surrounding areas and can help you receive the financial compensation you deserve for any lost wages or injuries you sustained because of the accident

If You Were Injured in a Bling Spot Car Accident, Call West Houston Accident Attorney Joe Stephens 

Now you know the most important tips for avoiding a blind spot car wreck. But do you need a personal injury attorney to represent your case and fight for your compensation?

Joe Stephens has been handling and negotiating cases for accident and injury clients for over 35 years. He fights hard to ensure all his clients are awarded the settlement they deserve for their injuries and losses due to a blind spot car accident. Call Joe Stephens today for a free consultation. 

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