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An oversize load is a load that surpasses the standard legal weight and size limits for a specific area. There are weight limits in place per axle, but if the cargo exceeds the overall weight limit, it creates a dangerous situation for an overweight truck. 

Oversize loads can lead to commercial truck collisions that can be fatal. If you are the victim of an oversize load truck accident, here’s what you need to know.

Accidents Caused by Oversized Loads

Common uses for big rig loads are transporting construction machines and equipment, storage containers, pre-manufactured homes, or other industrial equipment. If the cargo is not secure, it can lead to an accident. 

Oversized loads are under heavy regulation in the United States. Drivers need special permits for each state they drive through on their route. However, even with rules, accidents can still occur. These accidents typically result from shifting cargo. When cargo shifts, it can either cause the big truck to destabilize or the payload to fall off the vehicle. It creates a severe safety issue, as the load can obstruct the road or hit another automobile.

A truck crash involving an oversized load will often involve several people and federal transportation laws. Due to the sheer size of an overweight 18-wheeler, it can be a particularly dangerous truck crash. Injuries resulting from these accidents are often catastrophic and can include the loss of limbs, permanent disability, and wrongful death. With injuries such as these, you need a semi truck injury attorney.

How a Lead Pilot Car Can Help Prevent a Truck Wreck

A lead pilot car and a trailing car act as escorts for a commercial truck with an oversized load. The leading car will drive in front of the oversize cargo and inform all drivers about hazards, such as low bridges or electrical wires, or other upcoming obstacles. The trailing car will stay behind the vehicle with the oversized load and ensure a safe lane transfer. 

If an 18-wheeler has an oversized load but no lead pilot or trailing car, it could be a case for personal injury. Victims have the right to pursue compensation and justice in these situations. 

Why You Need a Truck Accident Lawyer

In oversized load collisions, trucking companies will do whatever it takes to avoid paying hefty fines and settlements. They have legal teams to represent them. For the layperson who is the victim of one of these collisions, it can be daunting to face this situation alone.

A truck wreck attorney can fight for you in court. Attorneys specialized in this field know the rules for oversized loads and can prove the fleet company’s liability. With the right team, you stand a better chance of getting compensation. 

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West Houston Oversized Load Truck Accident Attorney

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If you or a family member were in an oversize load truck crash, you need an auto crash lawyer in West Houston. Oversize truck accidents are fatally dangerous and many people have lost a loved one due to these crashes, contact an experienced West Houston wrongful death law firms if you know someone who has gone through these fatalities.

With years of experience reading permits and regulation documents, we will work to ensure your case gets fair representation. We provide professional support to help you through this difficult time. We will fight for your right to fair compensation for your medical expenses, emotional pain, and suffering. 

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