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Vehicle accidents can result in significant financial losses and physical injuries to those involved. Truck crash damage is often more destructive due to the size and weight of 18–wheelers. 

Big rig drivers must adhere to various safety rules. Some of these safe practices include ensuring the headlights are working and planning for adverse weather conditions such as a fog or a storm that could lead to poor visibility. However, not all drivers are responsible, and you might need compensation as a result of a driver’s defective headlight.

Here’s what you need to know about visibility accidents and whether you have a case that needs a good West Houston truck crash attorney

3 Common Types of Truck Visibility Accidents

Aside from driver errors such as over speeding, visibility issues are also another significant cause of accidents — such as malfunctioning or defective headlights or due to heavy rains. These accidents are especially catastrophic because the victims are often caught by surprise and don’t get out of the way before it’s too late.

In scenarios where the driver collides with another 18-wheeler, the impact and damage are considerably worse than a collision with a smaller vehicle. 

Here are the three common types of truck visibility accidents: 

1. Malfunctioning or Defective Headlight Truck Accident

A big rig must drive around with functioning headlights, especially if the trip involves night-time driving. Drivers are quick to notice when the front headlights are bad. However, you can’t say the same about the taillights. Some defective headlight accidents occur because the rear headlights are inadequate, and motorists can’t see the vehicle’s rear. When this happens, the driver will be liable for driving on the road without a critical safety feature. 

2. Commercial Truck without Conspicuity Tapes 

Also called DOT tape, conspicuity tape is a reflective material attached to the front, sides, and the rear of a big truck. It enables other drivers to pick out a truck in poor-visibility conditions or at night-time. 

Regulations demand that most commercial trucks have this sort of tape plastered across the vehicle. If the tape is not attached correctly, absent, or worn out, it could become a legal issue if a truck crash occurs. 

3. Poor Visibility on the Road 

It can be incredibly dangerous to drive in low visibility conditions, such as heavy rains, fog, or when the roads are enveloped in smoke or dust. In these conditions, motorists need to drive with caution, especially if it’s a highway frequented by big rigs. It’s easy to get into a serious or fatal truck collision in such low-visibility conditions. 

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