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At Joe Stephens Law, we understand the impact a big truck accident can have on your life and how difficult the recovery journey can be. One of the most concerning potential consequences of these collisions is a brain injury. 

Both brain injuries and truck accidents present unique and often complex challenges. You need someone with experience and subject knowledge to get you the compensation you deserve. 

At Joe Stephens Law, we specialize in legal battles concerning brain injury caused by truck wrecks. If you or someone you know has suffered a brain injury in a truck crash, don’t try to face it alone. Call us today for a free consultation.

Traumatic Brain Injury and Truck Accidents

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines a traumatic brain injury (TBI) as a disruption to the brain’s normal functioning. The causes can vary and include penetration, a blow, or a bump to the head.

Automobile accidents are one of the most common causes of TBIs. The CDC reports that there are around 2.8 million trips to the emergency room made every year for these kinds of injuries, and nearly 60 million of those are fatal cases. 

How Truck Wrecks Can Increase Risk for Traumatic Brain Injuries

All types of vehicle accidents can lead to traumatic brain injury. However, collisions with an 18-wheeler or big rig can make the consequences more severe.

In a wreck, the driver’s head may collide with the windshield, steering wheel, or headrest. You can even sustain a TBI in a commercial truck accident without hitting your head. The sheer force from the collision of vehicles can cause the brain to knock into the wall of the skull. 

Why You Need a Truck Crash Attorney

Although these injuries are relatively common, there’s nothing routine about how a TBI from a truck crash might affect your life. 

Traumatic brain injuries often pose complex cases because they frequently cause long-lasting side effects and conditions. While some of these occur directly after the collision, others develop at a later date and could end up with the victim’s life in the rehab process, contact a negligent death attorney in West Houston if you have lost a loved one in an accident.

Also, trucking companies have teams of legal defense. They will do whatever necessary to avoid paying to cover your medical bills. But if the trucker was at fault, you have a right to compensation. 

To recover the damages after a big truck accident, you need an attorney to help build a complete picture of your injury and potential effects on your long-term health. A lawyer can handle your legal battle after a truck wreck and help you through this time. Don’t hesitate to contact today the West Houston 18 wheeler collision lawyers.

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West Houston Brain Injury Truck Accident Attorney

Call an Experienced Truck Accident Lawyers in West Houston

If you need a top-rated West Houston auto accident attorney for a truck-related wreck brain injury, we’re here to help. We understand how a brain injury can impact your life and can offer you support and guidance. We will fight to make sure you get justice. 

We have expert knowledge in both TBIs and truck collisions, so you can rest assured you’re getting the best legal advice and representation available. Pick up the phone today and see how Joe Stephens Law can help you.

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