What You Need to Know About 18-Wheeler Accident Settlements

18-wheeler trucks are prevalent on the road, and potential collisions with these large vehicles can be dangerous. There are numerous collisions every year in West Houston and across the nation due to potentially hazardous driving conditions. For the other drivers involved, these types of crashes can be especially harmful and even fatal. 

In some situations, the collision may be grounds for a lawsuit if the driver or carrier corporation created hazardous driving situations that resulted in a truck wreck. The victim, with a good attorney, usually benefits from the settlement. 

How Long Does It Take to Achieve a Truck Crash Settlement?

The time it takes for you to achieve a settlement after a commercial truck accident will depend on the amount of damage from the collision. The typical time can vary from a few months to a few years. The length to reach a settlement depends on the damage to property and personal injury

Factors That Affect Settlement Amounts

Typically, large companies involved with accidents will agree to pay steep amounts of money rather than face a court trial. With the best attorneys fighting for you, you are likely to earn more. 

The damages determine how much you can get for your injuries, lost wages, and vehicle damage. The more damage and medical expenses, the more you will earn from your settlement. For more guidance, contact a top-rated West Houston automobile wreck attorney.

The Process of Reaching a Settlement 

Research Stage

This process can be long and tedious, that’s why you need a trucking accident lawyer in West Houston. Usually, it can be difficult to find one guilty party. Any case requires much investigative work from your attorney at law. 

Evidence and information gathered during this stage could include:

  • Documentation of the collision
  • Photo/video footage of the incident
  • Testimonies from all parties involved
  • An investigation into the big rig driver and company
  • Research on Texas and federal carrier rules that the driver/company may have violated

There are often many factors playing into any collision. At Joe Stephens Law, we have an experienced team of professionals dedicated to conducting this type of research. 

Totaling of Your Damage

Besides finding the root cause of the accident, your attorney will determine the total financial losses you suffered. This stage requires medical records, bills, and information about wages and the impact on your ability to work. 

Settlement or Trial

With your case built, your attorney and the representative from the other party will have ‘settlement discussions.’ This mediation will determine the amount you may get for your losses due to the big truck accident. At this point, either both parties will agree on an amount and a settlement will occur, or the case will go to trial before a judge. 

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West Houston 18 Wheeler Accident Settlement Attorney

Call an Experienced Truck Accident Lawyers in West Houston

If you were involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler, and a loved one was lost, you need the best law firm on your side. At Stephens Law Firm, a team of professionals accidental death attorneys in West Houston will be working specifically on truck collision cases. We will fight to help you earn the most in your settlement lawsuit.  

For an attorney who cares about fighting for your case, call Joe Stephens Law.

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