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Fred Loya Insurance is one of the branches of The Loya Insurance Group. The group includes several insurance companies that have offices throughout Texas and other states. Fred Loya is known for offering the legally minimum amount of coverage in their policies. Because of this, interacting with their office after a car wreck can be difficult. 

At The Stephens Law Firm, we want to help you navigate this process without any added stress. But first, it’s important to inform yourself of Fred Loya and what you’re up against.

Fred Loya’s Focus on Nonstandard and High-Risk Insurance

This company is known for offering low coverage rates for drivers that are considered to be high-risk. This includes drivers that are deemed to be uninsurable by other companies. These drivers may have difficulty procuring coverage with different companies due to a variety of reasons such as: 

  • A history of DUIs
  • Accidents 
  • Speeding violations
  • Other traffic citations

Drivers could also be considered high-risk due to age or the type of car they drive. 

Since Fred Loya focuses on selling to high-risk drivers, their coverage policies are often minimal. Often not exceeding the State of Texas’ minimum coverage requirements. This is to keep their policy costs low to their insured. 

However, if you are involved in an auto accident involving Fred Loya claims, it can turn into a costly affair. Many of their policies only provide $30,000 worth of coverage, which may not even cover your medical expenses. In these cases, it is especially helpful to have the best auto wreck lawyers in West Houston to manage your case. 

Fred Loya Named Driver Exclusions Are Particularly Risky

Since they focus on providing nonstandard coverage policies, it is not uncommon to see a “Named Driver Exclusion.” This means that the insurance policy does not cover the drivers listed in the exclusion article. Named Driver Exclusions are often made when the insured lives with minors or other high-risk drivers who are not planning to use the car. However, if a car crash occurs while being driven by the person named in the exclusion, the policy coverage may become void. 

Another issue with these policies is that some drivers do not fulfill their policy agreements. Some people decide to stop paying for the policy after receiving their physical card. This is so they will have something to show as proof of insurance if they get pulled over. However, that means they may not actually be covered. This can create a difficult situation in the event of a car wreck. 

Call an Experienced Car Accident Lawyers in West Houston

Car accidents are stressful in any situation. If you get into an accident with a driver who is represented by Fred Loya Insurance, it can be particularly challenging. If you are struggling with a Fred Loya claim, you require a West Houston truck injury attorney. The Stephens Law Firm is here to help. We will investigate the situation and work to ensure the insurance company is properly evaluating your claim. Give us a call today for a risk-free consultation about your case!

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