How to Prevent Icy Road Car Accidents in West Houston

Driving can be difficult when it’s icy, and the weather is bad. So what can you do to avoid being in a car accident caused by ice in West Houston?

Ice makes roads slippier than rain, making it difficult for cars to grip and driving more difficult. The unsafe road conditions result in many drivers losing control of their vehicles. Here at The Stephens Law Firm, we believe it’s important for drivers to learn the best procedure for driving in icy conditions. 

Tips for Avoiding Accidents on West Houston Frozen Roads

How can you avoid accidents on frozen roads when it’s easy to lose control of your vehicle?

While some instances are unavoidable, driving in icy conditions is tricky, but the most critical aspect is always to be ready. Before you travel, be sure to check your route, looking for difficult driving conditions. You can check the weather over the route too to check if there are any unexpected or unpleasant changes in weather. 

It’s also essential to know top tips for driving in these types of conditions. While your vehicle might have the latest state-of-the-art technology, it’s not sufficient, nor does it instantly guarantee safety on icy roads. Some of these tips include:

  1. Tires: Having a good grip on your vehicle is vital to navigating in the snow and icy conditions. In difficult driving conditions, summer tires or those with thin tread will be useless. The best option is to invest in a pair of snow tires since all-year-round tires aren’t suitable for heavy snow. If your area is hit regularly with deep snow, snow tires are a must. The best way to recognize whether your tires are suitable in snowy conditions is to look for a “snowflake on the mountain” on the side of the tire. This symbol means the tires are suitable for icy conditions.
  2. Visibility: Being able to see and be seen are a crucial part of being safe driving under challenging conditions. You should check your windscreen wipers work well and regularly clean the inside of your windshield to prevent it from becoming foggy on the inside. Also, be sure to switch out your summer cleaning fluid with anti-freeze fluid for cleaning your windshield. It’s also important to run your air-conditioner to defrost. Being able to see is one of the critical tips for avoiding accidents on frozen roads. Being seen is also important to check your lights work and if you have an older car with sand-pitted lights, get a new set of lenses.
  3. Braking: A pivotal part of avoiding an icy road accident is to know how to brake correctly. Anti-lock brakes are very simple to use: pump the brake, stay in your lane, and steer.
  4. Ice Awareness: If you’re driving in bad weather conditions, you know it’s icy and dangerous, but do be on the lookout for black ice. You might not be able to see it, but it is lethal.
  5. Less Is More With Steering: Steering too much or overcorrecting can be fatal—the most common but incorrect reaction is to steer when your vehicle starts to spin. When the tires regain grip, the vehicle will continue in the direction the tires are heading.

If You Were Injured in a Car Wreck on Icy Roads in West Houston, Call Injury Attorney Joe Stephens Now

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No matter how careful a driver you are or how experienced you may be, it’s easy to find yourself in a car accident caused by ice. If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident from driving in bad weather, contact Joe Stephens, personal injury lawyer. 

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