Preventing Common Truck Accidents in West Houston

Truck accidents can be caused by several factors. Two of the main causes, however, are problems experienced by the driver or improper maintenance. 

Truck crashes put truck drivers and other road users at risk. Common accidents can often be prevented and damage avoided if drivers and truck companies uphold safety measures

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In this post, we’re going to learn from a West Houston trucking wreck law firm about the causes of commercial truck accidents and explain how they can be prevented. 

Truck Accident Causes 

Driving Under Influence 

If a truck driver travels under influence of alcohol or drugs, it’s more likely that an accident will occur.  If the driver is caught under such influence, as with other road uses, they are violating laws that keep road users safe. 

If, as another road user, you become aware that someone is driving dangerously and you think they may be intoxicated, you should report the incident. 

Distracted Driving 

All drivers are at risk of distracted or tired driving, even if they are sober, well-rested and alert. As the driver of a large vehicle, the damage potentially caused by becoming distracted can be devastating. 

Trucks require driver control, so looking away for a moment could lead to a fatal accident. Drivers who are under pressure to deliver their cargo and stay on the road for long hours are more at risk of dozing off and losing control. 

Truck drivers should take regular rest stops, and other road users should be sure to give big rigs a wide berth to avoid accidents.

Improper Maintenance 

Improper truck maintenance causes a huge number of road accidents, so it’s important to know what this means.

Equipment repair can go unnoticed in a large vehicle. Small punctures in tires, worn brake pads, broken lights, and damaged windscreens can all put the vehicle at risk. 

Large trucks should be regularly inspected and maintained. If not, and they cause an accident, a legal suit could follow.

Heavy Loads 

A big truck, such as an 18-wheeler, can weigh 80,000 pounds when loaded fully. If drivers fail to secure loads properly, particularly for a big rig, a truck crash is more probable. 

Trucks driving at speed on freeways are more at risk of causing an accident. Heavy loads can easily become detached if they are not secured properly prior to travel. All cargo should be fully secure before travel. 

Prevention Measures 

Knowing about big rig accident causes, and the laws put in place to prevent them, can help to reduce accidents. 

If you, as a road user, spot a truck driver who is breaking the law, you should report them immediately. As we’ve seen, tired driving, drink-driving, failed maintenance checks and insecure loads can quickly lead to fatal accidents. 

Drivers should check their trucks prior to travel and take responsibility for keeping themselves and others safe on the roads — but always make sure you keep your eyes peeled. 

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