How to Preserve Evidence After a Commercial Truck Wreck

18-Wheeler Policies & Preserving Wreck Evidence

Millions of semi-trucks in the United States deliver vital products around the country. However, they are also responsible for thousands of preventable accidents and deaths. After a commercial truck wreck, the evidence is usually the deciding factor for assigning fault-regardless of the statements made by drivers involved. That is why insurance companies hire specialists in the aftermath of these accidents. Legal liability falls on who is at fault, and most truck accidents are the result of driver error.

Truck wrecks can have a myriad of consequences, including:

  • Injury of the truck driver or other parties
  • Fatalities
  • Property damage
  • Loss of goods
  • Road closures
  • Lawsuits and legal issues

18-wheeler trucks inherently pose a risk to others on the road, especially when they are at full weight capacity.

18-Wheelers and Passenger Car Accidents – The deadliest 18-wheeler accidents involve passenger cars. A full big rig weighs as much as 80,000 pounds. In comparison, the average car weighs between 2,800 and 3,000 pounds. Although most accidents are unintentional, their impact remains deadly. If you’re involved in a truck wreck you need an experienced vehicle injury attorney in West Houston to help.

Policies and Regulations for 18-Wheelers

State and federal laws enforce a number of regulations on 18-wheelers. After a trucking wreck, investigators examine the evidence as it contains crucial clues necessary to support legal claims. It is the evidence that determines if the truck driver complied with policies or if negligence was the cause. Unfortunately, since regulations are extensive, some operators do not follow all the rules. They may log incorrect information or falsify inspection entries. New drivers also might not have adequate or proper training. Law enforcement cannot know if every truck driver is complying with policies. After an accident, however, investigators can identify this lack of compliance through evidence.

Preserving Truck Accident Evidence

If you were in a truck accident involving an 18-wheeler, it is vital to preserve evidence of the crash. Evidence is crucial in any investigation and holds important clues as to why it occurred. Proving the truck driver was at fault can make all the difference in the compensation you receive.

The best way to preserve evidence is to take photos and video evidence right after the accident happens, if possible. Make sure to take pictures of the road and your vehicle as well. If there are witnesses, take their names and phone numbers. Then, call your lawyer and your insurance company.

Why Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer?

Some trucking companies go the extra mile when it comes to hiding evidence. They may repair a truck right after the accident or hide important logbooks or dashcam footage. That is one of the reasons why you should hire an attorney.

A top rated West Houston 18 wheeler crash lawyer will prevent the company or truck owner from tampering with or destroying evidence before the investigation. A good truck accident lawyer is familiar with the key pieces of evidence necessary to build a strong case and can ensure they are preserved.

At The Stephens Law Firm, we handle hundreds of accident cases. Our qualified team has over 30 years of experience and can help you gather the evidence you need to get the justice you deserve and ensure that no one else is hurt the way you and your family have been. Call The Stephens Law Firm at 281-623-1701 to discuss your options-we’re available 24/7.

Types of Trucking Accidents We Handle in West Houston and Across Texas:

  • Jackknife Accidents
  • Truck Rollovers
  • Tire Blowouts
  • Truck Driver DWI
  • Wide Turn Accidents
  • Blind Spot Accidents
  • Read End Accidents
  • Brake Failure
  • Underride Accidents
  • Lost Load Accidents
  • Head-on Collisions
  • T-Bone Collisions
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West Houston Truck Accident Lawyer

You Need an Experienced 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer

When your case requires the skill and knowledge of a seasoned Texas truck accident lawyer, Joe Stephens should be your first choice. Having tried over 100 verdict cases successfully, he has a reputation for working diligently for his clients. Cases involving big truck wrecks can be highly complex and are often difficult to prove the negligence of the truck driver, the trucking company, or both. Also, in cases involving deaths, your best choice should be a wrongful death lawyer in West Houston like Joe Stephens. Joe’s experience with these cases allows him to get right to the heart of the matter, his clients’ rights and owed compensation.

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