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It’s no secret that many commercial trucks travel through Texas to load and unload goods in West Houston. 

It’s also no secret that the employees who work on the docks are at serious risk of injury when loading and unloading the mighty trucks. When an injury happens, there’s a lot at stake. Medical expenses, time off work, and even disability or death lead to intense stress. Every victim in West Houston needs big rig accident lawyers they can trust. 

Here’s what you need to know about hiring a loading dock truck accident lawyer in West Houston.

The Dangers Loading Dock Workers and Drivers Face

Did you know that 25% of reported injuries in warehouses happen on the docks?

That’s because every loading dock brings many hazards to workers. These spaces are usually elevated from the warehouse floor, with large trucks coming and going from the area and dangerous mechanical equipment nearby. 

These hazards are a potential truck accident waiting to happen. The often busy and chaotic environment increases the risk of a truck wreck. If you lost a loved one due to these types of accidents, contact an experienced accidental death lawyer in West Houston now.

Here are a few examples of potential casualties:

Slips and Falls

These are the most common injuries that take place in loading docks. There is potential for workers to fall from the docks, also opportunities for slips caused by spilled oil and water from a big truck. It’s possible that the truck could be moving while someone is loading goods, leading to a slip and fall and a truck crash.

Forklift Accidents

The docks are where a forklift injures many workers. Not only do the drivers face risks, but also the surrounding workers. Both parties must be aware of their surroundings, as potential accidents include forklifts backing over workers while loading from the truck, falling on people in the vicinity, and people falling from the edge of the truck. 


It’s also important to look out for invisible injuries too. While there may not be a visible truck wreck, the risks that workers can be exposed to can be hazardous. From hazardous materials such as carbon dioxide leaking from a commercial truck to gasses from the exhaust, ground workers must be especially aware of these risks. 

There is also the potential for noise pollution exposure too, which can cause long-term harm to everyone involved. 

Lifting Injuries

The loading dock has massive potential for causing back injuries through lifting.

The docks’ fast-paced environment can sometimes cause workers to feel pressure to get things done quickly and neglect their health as a result. This causes workers to ignore proper safety precautions when lifting heavy materials, resulting in soft tissue injuries and other serious back ailments. It’s possible to lift an item on insecure footing and fall from the truck. 

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West Houston Dock Truck Accident Attorney

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If you have an injury from a loading dock truck accident and need a lawyer, we can help. Joe Stephens, an 18-wheeler accident attorney in West Houston, is a double board-certified personal injury attorney who has recovered millions of clients in his 30+ years in the business.

Whether you’re the driver of an 18-wheeler or have been impacted by a truck accident, get in contact with an automobile crash lawyer in West Houston. The Stephens Law Firm has your back, even if it’s injured!

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