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Several Cars Involved in Collision

Have you been in a multi-vehicle truck accident recently and require legal help or need to take legal action?

You need help from a truck accident lawyer.

It can be challenging to determine the fault in a chain-reaction car accident, especially if there is more than one vehicle involved. You need someone experienced with big rig cases to defend you. 

Keep reading to learn how to deal with a multi-vehicle truck accident and how an automobile wreck attorney in West Houston can help.

Determining Fault in Chain-Reaction Collisions

A multi-vehicle car accident is often the result of chain-reactions. It occurs when one rear-end collision impacts the vehicles in front, sparking the so-called ‘chain-reaction.’

These accidents often involve an incident in front of the first vehicle. If the first vehicle must stop for some reason, other cars behind it can barrel into the back of the first car. Often, weather and hazardous road conditions are the primary cause of chain-reaction collisions. However, if the vehicles following behind are too close, it also contributes to a pile-up. 

Because these types of accidents involve more than two vehicles, it can be complicated to determine fault. You will need the help of a multi-vehicle truck accident attorney and a top-rated West Houston commercial truck crash law firm, to assess the case and potentially get compensation. 

Chain-Reaction Truck Accidents 

When the chain reaction collision involves a big truck, the incident can quickly escalate. In multiple-vehicle crashes, standard car occupants tend to have the worst fatalities. The highest number of deaths occur from frontal, followed by side impact.

Being involved in a truck crash like this means you will have to prove that you were not at fault. Only in very rare cases is there only one person who is responsible. However, if truck drivers share partial responsibility for the crash, you need a specialized attorney

Commercial truck drivers have different legal options from non-commercial drivers—and they have the advantage of cutthroat legal defense. These teams will try to avoid settlement. 

Depending on the situation, you may be eligible for full compensation. However, you’ll need all the evidence and sound legal counsel to help make your case.

Evidence Used to Determine a Person’s Liability

In a multi-vehicle truck accident, various types of evidence will be necessary:

  • Eye-witness testimonies
  • Police reports
  • Documentation of property damage
  • Medical examination
  • Other evidence pulled from the scene, such as dashcam footage

To determine if one person is at fault or whether the drivers’ negligence is shared, an attorney will consider all of these factors.

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West Houston Multiple Vehicle Truck Accident Attorney

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If you are a victim of a multiple-vehicle 18-wheeler accident or have lost a loved one, you will need to talk to a West Houston negligent death attorney. An attorney can help defend your case and fight for your compensation.

At The Stephens Law Firm, we can assist with the legal counsel you need for your case! Joe Stephens understands how complicated truck wreck cases can be, and he fights with compassion to get you the justice you deserve. Our firm has recovered millions of clients in our 30+years in the business! Call today to schedule a consultation!

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