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Big Truck Drivers Continue to be Involved in Truck Wrecks.

Intermodal truck accidents are more common than you think. Whether a careless driver or improperly secured cargo puts you at risk, you may be entitled to compensation after the accident. 

Don’t let the liability company of the at-fault driver dodge their financial responsibility to you. Learn why you should hire an intermodal truck accident lawyer in West Houston below. 

What is Intermodal Trucking?

Intermodal trucking is a type of trucking wherein cargo has been transported using two or more methods. Most often, a commercial truck and railroad are used in conjunction to transport cargo. However, goods transported by ships and trucks in combination are also intermodal. This combination is common when moving goods internationally. 

As stated by a West Houston commercial truck injury law firm, Intermodal trucking can be used to transport a single company’s goods or may house a combination of companies’ commodities in a single load. It often moves a high volume of freight at once. Typically, large vehicles like 18-Wheelers move substantial cargo of any size across vast distances. It’s possible that one of these vehicles could be carrying cargo improperly and result in a devastating big rig accident. 

Why Do Intermodal Truck Accidents Happen?

While being directly involved in an intermodal truck accident is unlikely, it’s possible that a commercial truck company is negligent or because cargo has been improperly secured. A big rig collision can be fatal as a result. Although the Association of American Railroads has made great strides in improving safety measures and standards practices for intermodal transport, big truck drivers continue to be involved in truck wrecks.

If you are involved in an intermodal truck crash, it is likely due to improperly lashed cargo. Because the cargo is unloaded and loaded more times than usual, it’s more likely that one of the workers could send the shipment off without double-checking the lash. Recently, the European Commission Transportation department reported that up to 25% of accidents on the road which involve trucks can be attributed to inadequately secured cargo. 

What Happens After a Wreck?                                 

After being involved in a truck crash with an intermodal 18-wheeler, you’ll need to seek compensation from the at-fault driver. Feel free to contact a top rated West Houston automobile collision attorney.

Because large corporations often represent intermodal truck drivers, many liability companies will try and dodge their financial responsibility to you after a truck wreck. However, with an experienced team of lawyers at your side, you can fight for compensation to pay for medical bills, auto repair, and lost wages.

Once you partner with the qualified team of legal experts, they’ll lead the charge in good faith negotiations with the oppositional party. If they still try to avoid their legal responsibilities after these consultations, lawyers will begin formal proceedings to ensure you get the compensation you need.

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If you or a loved one has been affected by a negligent intermodal truck driver or improperly lashed cargo, remember you don’t have to fight to get your compensation alone. An if you lost someone you cared about, contact an accidental death attorney in West Houston. When you partner with our legal team at Joe Stephens Law Firm, we’ll help you hold the at-fault liability company accountable.

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