How Is Technology Improving the Trucking Industry?

Over the last ten years, there has been a rapid increase in fatal 18-wheeler accidents. Statistics show that the death rate for non-CDL drivers has increased by 31% between 2009 and 2018. Additionally, truck driving has a high mortality rate and counts among one of the most dangerous professions. Victims of semi-truck wrecks will need a good West Houston big rig collision attorney

Fortunately, the development of technology is underway to combat these commercial truck wrecks. Read below to learn about tech advancements for the big rig industry. 

New Tech Paves the Way for Trucking Safety

Major corporations, such as Walmart and Waste Management, are embracing technology to ensure safety for both drivers in the trucks and on the roads. They’re spending money upfront to save lives in the long run. Some of the latest technologies on the market are:

  • In-Cabin Cameras: These cameras monitor the cabin and driver for the duration of the ride. They help pinpoint problem areas during a trip and keep the drivers honest when discussing the events of an accident. They’re excellent for companies evaluating their drivers periodically.
  • Eyelid Monitors: Besides cameras, the fleet managers can install eyelid monitors in the cabs of big trucks. These monitoring devices can see if the eyes are drooping or if the driver is blinking too fast. In either case, it pings a loud alert of warning for the vehicle operator. It’s especially useful for catching exhausted drivers working more than they should.
  • Automatic Brakes: This piece of technology is invaluable. This tech warns drivers of any obstructions on the road and even warns of possible collisions. It adjusts cruise control to maintain safe distances between vehicles and applies auto-breakage when there is a potential crash detection.
  • Continuous Data Monitoring: Trucking companies now have access to devices that will constantly send operator data. This information includes real-time location monitoring or dangerous driving behavior, such as lane swerving or drifting. This data feed can be useful for checking for possible signs of driver fatigue or speeding.

There’s an increase in material product demand across the United States, but a decrease of truck drivers willing to haul cargo. It makes sense trucking companies are shifting gears and allowing technology to assist their drivers. When technology can help to prevent accidents, it seems ridiculous not to incorporate them into the job. Not only does on-board technology ensure the safety of their employees, but it cuts costs. It can save companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in litigation expenses

Unfortunately, despite all these improvements, accidents still happen. And when it happens to you, you need a car collision attorney in West Houston.

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