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Intersections are one of the most dangerous places to drive. Time Magazine and Business Insider, amongst many others, have all written articles on hazardous intersections in the U.S. One of those intersections is in West Houston at Bissonnet Street and Sam Houston Parkway.

The danger comes from the vast amount of crashes that happen here.  In an area where multiple cars are coming at each other from different directions, it’s too easy for even just one careless driver to cause a horrible accident. 

In this case, it is necessary to hold accountable reckless and inconsiderate drivers. However, holding the guilty person responsible for a commercial truck crash isn’t always straightforward. This situation is where a top rated West Houston 18-wheeler injury lawyer such as Joe Stephens can help you get the compensation you so rightfully deserve. 

The Main Reasons for Truck Accidents at West Houston Intersections

Crashes at intersections can happen anywhere that there is a cross between two roads. However, similarly to most car accidents, they are more likely in busy cities, such as West Houston. 

Common causes for crashes at intersections are: 

  • Traffic Signals. More than 50% of collisions occur on roads with traffic signals. People might ignore or blatantly defy the signs.
  • Breaking the law. Drivers breaking code while in their vehicle, such as running red lights, performing U-turns, or turning from the wrong lane, put everyone at risk.
  • Poorly judged turns. Drivers who have made a turn without confirming there were no obstacles around make for about 36% of crashes.
  • Distracted drivers. Glancing at cell phones, reaching for something in the vehicle,  looking at maps, and eating and drinking are all it takes to cause a crash.

When these incidents involve a big truck, the potential for injury or fatality is worse. However, unlike with non-commercial vehicle accidents, intersection truck accidents have a different claims process. If you’ve been in a truck accident in an intersection, the trucking company or driver could be liable—and you could qualify for compensation. 

Seeking Legal Assistance Following An Intersection Truck Accident 

Every year, thousands of people in the United States get seriously hurt or killed because of intersection accidents. Although traffic lights and signs are in place to help control intersections, negligent drivers persist through them. 

Attorney Joe Stephens at The Stephens Law Firm can provide superior legal help for anyone who has become a victim of a big rig accident. A truck wreck can happen for so many reasons in an intersection, and it helps to have someone who knows the score. 

After a painful and life-changing accident, going through a legal battle is not easy. You want someone who will be on your side, with all the evidence and no manipulation. You deserve the best West Houston car accident law firm to have your rights protected and your voice heard when making a claim.

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West Houston Intersection Truck Accident Attorney

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