Do I Call My Insurance If a Texas Car Accident Is Not My Fault?

If an accident isn’t your fault, should you contact your insurance? Definitely. 

There are many reasons why you still need to call your auto insurance if the wreck isn’t your fault. Even if an accident is through no fault of your own and you are blame-free, you should call to make a report. There are many coverages that you might qualify to use, but if you don’t report it, then that isn’t possible.

Why You Still Need to Call Your Auto Insurance if the Wreck Isn’t Your Fault

Should you notify your insurance even if the accident isn’t your fault? In short, absolutely. 

One reason why you still need to call your auto insurance if the wreck isn’t your fault is that you could use your collision insurance coverage. It means that you can claim your policy for repairs or replacement if the at-fault driver’s insurance is slow to deal with the claim and payout. At this point, it’s your insurance’s responsibility to chase up compensation from the other driver’s policy. 

Another reason to call your auto insurer regardless of fault is that you could claim towing insurance. This coverage pays the cost for towing your vehicle upfront, and your insurer receives compensation from the other driver’s policy. Without this coverage, you could end up paying towing costs if the accident totaled your vehicle. 

A significant reason to call your insurer is that you could use the claim to help with medical expenses. Whether the wreck is or isn’t your fault, this is a claim you can make. But to receive the compensation you deserve in a personal injury case, you need documentation of the incident. Contacting your insurer after an accident is the first step in creating that record. 

The final reason why you still need to call your auto insurance if the wreck isn’t your fault is that your insurance company can defend you. Even if the wreck isn’t your fault, the other driver could claim that you are to blame. In this instance, you must make a report to your insurance company so that you do not get blamed for an incident that wasn’t your fault. 

When you call your insurer, it is crucial to be mindful of what you say. Do give general information, such as the fact you were involved in a car wreck, the date, the time, the location, and the details of who else was involved. However, until you consult an attorney, it’s best not to say too much. Simply state that you want to discuss it in greater detail later. At this point, you can have discussed the incident with an attorney and sought their advice. 

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