Are Self-Driving Commercial Trucks Safe?

Tens of thousands of commercial vehicle accidents per year occur in Texas alone. To avoid a crash, drivers must be careful when sharing the road. But what happens when there isn’t a driver there to share it with? 

Big rigs run by computers and not drivers are in the works. Testing is still ongoing to perfect the driverless commercial truck. However, self-driving 18-wheelers are just over the horizon. The networks are being solidified, and driverless 18-wheelers are no longer just a futuristic dream. 

But the question remains: will self-driving trucks be safe enough for drivers? 

How Self-Driving Trucks Work

Self-driving trucks, also known as autonomous trucks, use top of the line technology to function. There is a computer installed directly into the truck, which is constantly performing a variety of calculations. The computer relies on sensors, cameras, radar to tell the computer how to drive. 

This technology takes in all sorts of data, including real-time weather conditions. With all of these calculations, algorithms, and data, these trucks’ accuracy is shown to be fairly reliable

While this technology is cutting edge, the autonomous trucks currently produced still require a human to be in the cab. It is unclear when driverless trucks will be able to function also without an occupant in the cab. 

For now, we know that the first autonomous trucks will still have a human in the driver’s seat, even if they aren’t doing most of the driving. 

Why Autonomous Trucks Are Safe

No matter what companies design, the federal government will decide what autonomous trucks can share the road. This should be the biggest reason for drivers to not fear the future of driverless trucks. Regulations like these can make sure that only those that meet standards will be able to hit the road. 

In fact, some believe that driverless commercial trucks can be safer for drivers. With computers eliminating room for human error, this could lead to a decrease in truck accidents. 

Fatigue, distraction, and even driving under the influence are often the contributing factors to truck wrecks. With calculations and algorithms unaffected by humans, we could have safer roads after all! 

Drivers Should Be Cautious of Self Driving Trucks

While human error may be absent from self-driving semi-trucks, truck crashes will not be. Factors such as sudden pedestrians, other vehicles’ behavior, and bad, unforeseen road conditions will not disappear. 

Drivers should always remain on their guard to avoid an accident with a big truck. Crashes like these can result in disastrous injuries and damages and you may need an experienced Houston big rig wreck lawyer. Accidents involving big trucks are numerous, and we don’t know yet how self-driving trucks will affect truck wrecks.

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