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Big rig vehicles have to make wide turns. These wide turns are dangerous since the driver is typically unable to see out of their right passenger mirror. Miscalculated turns can be fatal or result in serious vehicle damage and personal injury to surrounding drivers. The Stephens Law Firm, an automobile collision lawyer in West Houston will help you if you get involved in an accident.

Statics show there are more accidents involving trucks than ever before. If you happen to find yourself facing the aftermath of a wide turn accident, you’ll need an experienced lawyer to demand the compensation you deserve in court. Here’s what you need to know about wide turn truck wrecks in West Houston and how a lawyer will help.

Wide Right Turns West Houston Big Rigs Make

There are two types of right-hand turns commercial truck operators make: the safe turn and the dangerous turn.

The safer option is called a “button hook.” This turn prevents other drivers from passing on the right-hand side. 

The button hook is preferred for the following reasons: 

  • Traffic coming from the right is kept in the driver’s vision
  • Vehicles from behind cannot go past the driver
  • The trailer remains in the right-hand lane

The much more dangerous turn is referred to as a “jug handle.” This makes it appear the driver is going left when they are actually accounting for their trailer’s wide turn radius. Other drivers on the road may be unaware of this turn and attempt to pass the 18-wheeler, resulting in a truck wreck.

Why West Houston Truck Drivers Make Wide Right Turns

It’s important to understand why tractor-trailers make these turns to minimize your risk. Their massiveness makes them liable to tip over, so giving themselves enough room to turn is important. The trailers don’t turn as easily as the motorized cab, so drivers must overcompensate by making wide turns. This is to ensure they clear it without curbing the tires. The Stephens Law Firm, an experienced West Houston big rig injury lawyer, will help drivers understand how to avoid truck collisions in the West Houston area.

Road Rules that Keep West Houston Drivers Safe From Wide Turns

  • Like all vehicles, 18-wheelers are required to use turn signals. Truck drivers tend to make their right turns from the left lane. Otherwise, they won’t correct the trailer.
  • Never attempt to pass a commercial truck on the right side, especially as their signal is flashing. This puts you and your vehicle at immediate risk of being crushed by the trailer’s tires — the risk increases with inexperienced operators. You’ll want to stay at least a car’s length behind a big rig at all times to ensure the driver sees you.
  • Another rule to follow is never to crowd the intersection. This means to stop behind the thick white lines by red lights and stop signs. If a truck is coming from another direction, and you’re over the line, the 18-wheeler may hit you when trying to clear the turn.

If any of these laws were broken during your case because of an at-fault truck driver or any other vehicle operator on the road during the truck crash, you may be entitled to compensation. 

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West Houston Wide Turn Truck Accident Attorney

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If you’ve been the victim of a truck crash, The Stephens Law Firm is standing by to help with your case. You may be entitled to compensation, and we’ll help you see it. If the accident involved the death of someone, contact our professional accidental death lawyer in West Houston now.

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