What is an Auto Insurance Intentional Act Clause?

Car insurance liability coverage laws in the state of Texas are at best confusing and at worst incredibly flawed. In short, car liability insurance may not cover you if you have been hit intentionally by another driver. 

Here we’ll take a look in more detail at what intentional acts are defined as in motor insurance policies, and what you should do if you’re in a car accident that may involve an intentional act of harm or damage. 

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What is an Intentional Act Clause in Auto Insurance?

An intentional act clause refers to a specific clause in an auto insurance policy that states that no coverage will be provided in the event that harm or injury has been caused intentionally. As per Tanner vs. Nationwide (Tex., 2009), the insurance coverage of any driver becomes void when they try to cause someone harm. 

In simple terms, this means that the insurance provider does not have to pay out a single dime if the driver in question intentionally causes the car crash. Due to this law, you may not receive any compensation or recover any damages if you’re involved in this kind of car wreck. 

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What Should You Do if You Think Someone has Intentionally Hit You?

While an intentional traffic collision might seem like a relatively rare scenario, aggressive driving is actually quite common, and 66% of traffic fatalities are caused by aggressive driving.

If you’ve been in a car crash and suffered an injury, you should always seek the help of a law firm. This is particularly important if you believe that the other driver injured you intentionally, as the auto insurance of the driver may be rendered void by the nature of the car accident.

Because the standard auto insurance policy in Texas means that you can’t claim against a driver who has intentionally crashed into you, it can be hard to know what to do. This is one of the biggest flaws in the Texas laws on auto insurance, and you really need legal advice.   

Many states now use a no-fault insurance policy requirement. This means all drivers buy coverage that protects only themselves, and if you don’t have insurance, you can’t claim against anyone. However, as this is not the case in the state of Texas, you need to take caution. 

If you have been unfortunate enough to have been crashed into intentionally, contact an automobile collision attorney in West Houston. Do this before contacting anyone else about the incident, especially insurance companies.

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