What are the Car Inspection Laws in Texas?

Have you been involved in a car accident with a vehicle that has an expired inspection record? If so, you must be aware of the car inspection laws in Texas so that you know if you’re entitled to compensation after an accident. 

The Stephens Law Firm is here to share what you need to understand about the regulations and requirements for vehicles in Texas. 

Common Reasons Cars Fail Safety Inspections in Texas

Before a car’s registration can be renewed, all vehicles in the state of Texas must undergo annual safety inspections. Many vehicles fail their safety inspection due to one of the following reasons:

Faulty Brakes: It’s not uncommon for vehicles to have faulty brakes, especially if the vehicle is an older model. It’s vital that a vehicle has a reliable brake system as this often helps save lives in an emergency situation. 

Dark Window Tint: When the tent on a vehicle’s windows is too dark, it compromises the driver’s vision and prevents them from seeing well, particularly at night. It’s not illegal to have tinted windows in the state of Texas, but it’s important for drivers to take precautions when having tents put on their windows that they aren’t too dark. 

Worn-Out Tires: Tires often wear out quicker than drivers realize. When a driver fails to have their tires replaced, this can cause someone to lose control on the road, especially in wet or icy conditions. 

Cracked Windows: A crack in a windshield does not mean that a vehicle will fail an inspection, but if cracks or chips in a window obstruct the driver’s view, this will be considered a safety hazard. 

Bad Windshield Wipers: If a vehicle has worn-out, damaged, or faulty windshield wipers, this can cause problems when rain and other types of precipitation are present. 

If you think a vehicle that did not pass the required inspection caused your accident, you must notify your insurance company, call the police, and hire an experienced attorney who will review the details of your accident.

Safety Inspections and Accidents

If you get into an accident, remember these common reasons cars fail safety inspections in Texas so that you have an idea of what to examine on the other vehicle. But you should also do the following while at the scene:

  • Take pictures of any vehicles involved for evidence.
  • Take photos of the damage as well as any expired inspection stickers.
  • Talk to any nearby witnesses and get their contact information in case you need their testimony when filing a lawsuit against the other driver.

Why Hire an Attorney For Your Accident?

If you’ve been injured by the negligence of another, you could hire any accident law firm near you, or you can hire a West Houston lawyer that focuses on auto injury claims. Joe Stephens has been defending injury victims in Texas for over 3 decades from negligent individuals, companies, and greedy insurance companies. As a veteran vehicle accident law firm in Katy, TX, Joe handles all cases personally, and his staff is always available to answer questions.

An attorney will ensure that there’s an independent investigation into your accident. They will file for you to receive compensation if the other vehicle in your crash did not have up-to-date inspection records, and they will help negotiate a settlement with the insurance companies involved. 

With the right attorney on your side, you will be better protected and more likely to receive any compensation that should be due. 

If You or a Loved One Have Been Injured in a Car Wreck In West Houston, Call Auto Accident Attorney Joe Stephens Now

If you’ve been involved in a car accident with a careless driver who has out-of-date inspection records, or even no inspection records, you can trust that the attorneys here at The Stephens Law Firm will stand with you. We’ll review your case and see if you might be entitled to compensation due to your accident or injuries. 

We understand the value of having a trustworthy, knowledgeable lawyer to handle your case, so it’s our goal to ensure every client receives the help they need. Contact us today for a free case estimate!

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