Truck Accidents in Construction Zones

Construction zone collisions are painfully common in this day and age. When big trucks are in these areas, it can lead to disastrous and fatal consequences. 

Truck accidents in construction zones can pose a severe threat to your safety, with reports showing an increasing vehicle accident risk in these zones. Nearly 30% of fatalities in work zones resulted from large trucks and buses, and the victims tend to be drivers and passengers of non-commercial vehicles. 

Causes of Truck Accidents in Construction Zones

Constantly Changing Traffic Flow

One factor contributing to the increased accident rate is the frequent changes to the area, for example, lane closures and detours. These changing landscapes make it more challenging to navigate the site and easier to take a wrong turn and cause a collision. 


Narrow lanes, tight maneuvering, and speed dangers can make it harder for commercial trucks to maneuver through the work zone. The proximity of other cars also can make even small swerves dangerous and could cause more collisions. 

Construction zones have reduced speed limits to help cars stop in an emergency. But if a commercial truck speeds through these areas to deliver their load more quickly, it can be a significant cause of a construction zone collision. 

Increased Truck Numbers

Construction zones can also pose a hazard because of the increase in big rigs driving through the area. These big trucks tend to have blind spots, which makes it difficult to see smaller cars. With the increased traffic, these construction zones tend to have the highest rate of truck wrecks than any other area. 

Visibility and Time of Day

The time of day plays a significant role in collisions as there are significantly more fatalities in construction zones at night.  During the night or early morning, when there is little lighting, it can be tough to tell which turn to take. It can also be challenging to see workers. With an 18-wheeler, visibility is already an issue. Driving through these zones at night can make the situation worse

Truck Driver

Truck drivers are under pressure to deliver their loads within a set timeframe. As a result, some drivers may speed in reduced speed work zones and have driver fatigue from transporting goods for 8-12 hours. In situations where a truck accident occurs in a work zone, the driver’s negligence can be a cause. 

Who It Affects

The crash characteristics means that multiple people can be victims of big truck collisions in construction zones. In road work zones, there are usually workers present and numerous commercial and non-commercial vehicles. If a truck accident were to occur, it could affect workers and laypersons alike. 

If the collision in a work zone is the truck driver’s fault, there are options for legal recourse but you need to hire a construction zone truck accident lawyer with experience, and if you lost someone due to a commercial truck accident, don’t doubt to call a West Houston wrongful death attorney today.

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