Truck Accidents Caused by Detached Trailers

Whenever a big truck tows a trailer, there is always a risk of that trailer hitch coming undone or the safety chains being defective. It leads to a dangerous potential of a disconnected trailer that can cause devastating wrecks. 

If you sustained an injury from this type of accident, you need a good semi truck accident law firm in West Houston. Here’s what you need to know about seeking legal compensation for truck accidents caused by detached trailers.

What Causes Detached Trailers? 

Trailer hitches are useful for hauling animals, boats, cars, etc. But with more parts, there are more potential points where there could be a design flaw or defect causing the trailer to become detached on the road. 

For commercial vehicles with trailers, there are annual governmental inspections required in Texas. The checks ensure that the hitch and trailer of a truck are in working order. However, even if all the parts function correctly, there is still potential for human error in the set-up or installation of the locking mechanism, safety chain, or even the trailer loading incorrectly. All of these factors can lead to detached trailers.

Can I Avoid Detached Trailer Truck Accidents?

Fortunately, these truck wrecks can sometimes be avoidable if you take a few steps to keep yourself safe. The first step is to identify large trucks and anything hauled with a trailer on the road. Some of these can include big trucks, commercial trucks like 18-wheelers. 

Generally, big rigs are at higher risk of a potential truck or trailer accident. An easy step to avoiding these potential collisions is to stay in a lane far away from these large types of vehicles if you can. Moving to the far left or right will help keep a distance from your car in case of hitch failure with the large rig. 

If the road is too narrow to stay away from, you can stay far behind a trailer by slowing your speed to be less than theirs. In any case of potential hitch failure or trailer detachment, you will have time to react and avoid the collision. Just by driving safely and mindfully, you can keep yourself safe and save yourself time, money, and stress. 

What To Do If You’re in a Truck Trailer Accident

If it is not possible to avoid an accident with a detached trailer, follow some immediate safety steps. Call emergency responders right away if there is any injury after the truck crash. If possible, take photographic evidence of the scene, specifically your car, the trailer hitch, and the car towing the trailer. 

Next, make a call to the best automobile collision attorney in West Houston. Your attorneys can help determine if there is a valid argument for financial compensation and fight for you.

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At The Stephens Law Firm, our experienced attorneys are here to help. If you or a loved one was in an automotive accident involving a detached or faulty trailer, you could have a case and opportunity for a settlement, and if you lost a loved one, don’t hesitate to contact a wrongful death law firm in West Houston. With our experienced attorneys, we will fight to get you the financial compensation you deserve. 

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