Top 5 Colleges in Houston

Being the fourth most populated city in the U.S. and the most populous in the state of Texas, it was only expected that Houston would thrive in the academic area as well. With an estimated population of 2.3 million according to the 2019 census, the southern city is home to several colleges and universities with a great academia reputation. The varied curriculum that the schools offer is directly linked with the city making it to the list of top areas creating new jobs, particularly presenting private business with big scores.

One of the main goals of the education sector over the past few years, has been coming up with new policies to meet the needs of younger generations. At this Houston has excelled. With a bustling city and ever-changing employment market, it is imperative to provide students with the skills necessary to flourish in their desired niche. If you are interested in attending college or university in Houston, here is a list featuring some of the best options.

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Lone Star College

LSCS is not only the largest institution for higher education in the area, but also one the fastest-growing community colleges across the nation. Established in 1973 and with an enrollment list of over 90,000 students, Lone Star offers around 180 high-quality and low-cost undergraduate programs, with the most popular areas of study being Liberal Arts, and Health Professions. Lastly, Lone Star ranked first for the number of minority students graduating, and awarded over 1 million Associate Degrees in the 2017-2018 school year.

17202 Red Oak Dr.
Houston, TX 77090
(832) 813-6500

Rice University

A private Research University, it was founded in 1891 and today it ranks as one of the most prominent institutions in the country. Despite having an undergraduate focus, it has a wide array of graduate degrees as well. It is ranked number 7 in Top Schools for Resources, and it appears amongst the top 20 universities in the U.S.

Situated in the heart of Houston’s Museum District, the most popular programs are Economics, Chemical Engineering, Computer and Information Sciences, and Mechanical Engineering. Amongst the notable alumni we can find Robert Curl, Tamara E. Jernigan, Pete Olson, and Candace Bushnell.

6100 Main St.
Houston, TX 77005
(713) 348-0000

South Texas College of Law Houston

The oldest Law School in Houston, it is a school accredited by the American Bar Association, and it is also a member of the Association of American Law Schools. It has a total enrollment of 752 full-time students and a Bar pass rate of 77.4% for first-time takers. Notable alumni include Eva Guzman, Robert Eckels, and Chris Bell.

1303 San Jacinto St.
Houston, TX 77002
(713) 659-8040

University of Houston

The numbers of the University of Houston speak by themselves: it is the third largest university in Texas, with a catalogue of over 300 programs through its 24 colleges on its 667-acre campus. It has an acceptance rate of 61%. It appears among the Top 100 Public Schools, and it has a total enrollment of 46,324 students. Remarkably, the University of Houston has over 400 student organizations, including the well-known football and basketball teams. Popular undergraduate programs are Business, Management, Marketing, Engineering, and Psychology. Notable faculty staff include Edward Albee, Paul Chu and Jody Williams. Famous alumni include Elizabeth Warren, Jim Parsons, Alice Sebold, and Jack Valenti.

4800 Calhoun Rd.
Houston, TX 77004
(713) 743-2255

Baylor College of Medicine

Part of the Texas Medical Center, Baylor College is ranked #22 in Best Medical Schools with a focus in Research and #4 in Primary Care. On top of that, it is also known for having one of the lowest tuition when it comes to private schools across the U.S., a great achievement for a school specialized in health sciences. It is divided into four main areas, School of Medicine, the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, the School of Health Professions, and the National School of Tropical Medicine. Baylor also offers Dual Degree Programs. Some remarkable alumni that we should mention include Michael E. DeBakey –an award winning cardiovascular surgeon, and H C. Thomas Caskey –prominent geneticist and entrepreneur.

1 Baylor Plaza
Houston, TX 77030
(713) 798-4951

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