Top 18-Wheeler Dealerships in Houston

If you’re looking to get into trucking, or if you own a semi-truck and want to build a fleet, you might wonder where to buy a truck. There are several Houston commercial truck dealerships to choose from, but not all of them deal in 18-wheeler style vehicles. However, all of them offer a large variety of different kinds of trucks to help you pull whatever load you have in mind.

Whether you’re looking for something to pull a tractor trailer, or a robust vehicle for towing an RV, be sure to thoroughly investigate any commercial trucks you are interested in before making a decision. We’ve put this list of locations together to help you in your search, but we can’t advocate for a single dealership or servicing center in particular. Where possible, we’ve included links to the dealership websites, their addresses, and phone numbers, so consult with them to determine how they may best satisfy your business needs.

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Places / Locations

Porter Truck Sales, L.P.
135 McCarty Street, Houston, Texas 77029
(713) 672-2400

Porter Truck Sales has been around since 1975 and is a family business for the past 40 years. They have a vast inventory of use semi trucks and trailers so if you are just starting out and would like to get your first rig used, check out Porter’s. From sleepers to flatbeds to yard spotters, they have a wide variety to choose from. You can expect a family feel to their business to help you through a large purchase such as this. They also offer financing solutions and warranties to ensure you get the best deal and protection for your new rig.

They have a 4.1 review rating with many people attesting to their family business feel. Many customers have said they are extremely helpful, great customer service, low prices and a trustworthy group of employees working to making the truck buying experience an easy one. You can check their inventory online or head one of their locations, either in Houston or Dallas.

Kyrish Truck Center of Houston
14201 Hempstead Rd, Houston, TX 77040

If you’re looking for a big truck capable of handling full and oversized loads, Kyrish Truck Center of Houston probably has what you’re looking for. Kyrish offers a complete suite of commercial vehicles from long-distance rigs to mixing trucks and more. Browse from a vast inventory of commercial trucks and consult with sales staff to fill your fleet requirements, or even expand into refrigeration and bucket trucks. Whatever your freight and shipping business requires, there’s a good chance Kyrish has something for you.

Kyrish also offers vehicle servicing, DOT Inspection, and a Body Shop, creating a one-stop opportunity for business owners to get their vehicles checked or fixed. The Kyrish family also operates truck centers in Austin, Bryan, Corpus Christi, Laredo, San Antonio and other locations.

Hayes Truck Group
8455 North Fwy, Houston, TX 77037

If your freight plans and logistics network don’t include driving to and from other states, Hayes Truck Group has over 60 years of experience selling medium-sized commercial trucks that might meet your needs. They specialize in Isuzu vehicles, selling both new and used models to help you stick to your budget. Feel free to visit them for your service needs as well. With 60 years in business selling and servicing Isuzu trucks, they are the right people for the job.

Call 855-296-2461 to speak with a sales representative or visit their website for a complete inventory list. You can browse online to see their current catalog of trucks.

Finding the right commercial truck for your freight hauling needs shouldn’t be a chore. There are several options to choose from within the Houston area, with a wide variety from medium sized commercial trucks to full 18-wheelers. You could research the local Trucks Clubs in Houston or consult with a salesperson to discuss budget and financing options or visit their websites to get more information and see examples of their current inventory.

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