Toddler Struck and Critically Injured by Minivan

A top rated Houston car injury lawyer knows how vital it is to keep watch of your children at all times. Children are playful and naturally curious and often do not understand the dangers that surround them.

On Monday night a 3-year-old toddler was struck by a minivan in Southwest Houston after darting into traffic. The little boy and his mother were playing in the front yard of their house on Beechnut and Troulon. At about 9 p.m. the little boy darted away from his mother and suddenly ran across the street. A woman driving a minivan was approaching and didn’t see the little boy run in front of her car in enough time to stop—and she ended up striking the toddler.

The boy was immediately taken to the nearby Texas Children’s Hospital where he was admitted in critical condition. The woman driving the minivan was very shaken by the events. Houston police report that the accident was not her fault and that no charges against her are expected to be filed.

This is such a tragic incident because it has such deep effects for all the parties involved. The little boy was just being a child when he ran across the street. It is hard for parents to keep a tight hold of their children at all times, especially if they are rambunctious and curious, and the mother in this instance probably blames herself. The driver of the minivan wasn’t doing anything wrong—she wasn’t speeding or under the influence of alcohol—she just didn’t see the little boy run in front of her car in time to stop, and she probably blames herself as well.

Even though the police didn’t find anyone at fault, and no charges have been filed, all the parties involved will feel the hurt and regret of this accident for years to come. Houston car accident attorneys want to stress how important it is to watch your children closely if they are playing near a street, and for all drivers to exercise extra caution when driving in school zones or places where children tend to be out playing. Being extra cautious and aware cannot prevent all accidents from happening—they are an unfortunate part of life, but being aware can certainly help prevent some accidents.

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