Texas Teen Dies in Mysterious Train Accident

Houston top rated accident attorneys know that accident do happen, but with they are fatal, especially involving the life of a young person, they are utterly tragic and can leave an entire community stunned.

A mysterious train accident claimed the life of a young Beaumont high school football player early Sunday morning. 18-year-old Matthew Eugene Thomas’ body was found at about 7 a.m. lying across the Kansas City Southern line railroad tracks.

The circumstances of Thomas’ death are still somewhat unclear. So far there is no evidence of foul play, and toxicology tests will reveal whether there is a presence of drugs or alcohol in his system, which could be a contributing factor.

Local authorities have determined that Thomas was already lying face down on the train tracks when he was hit by the oncoming locomotive. The train engineer apparently saw a body lying on the tracks and attempted to stop—but it was too late and the force of the train’s forward momentum prevented the engineer from being able to halt the train in adequate time to avoid hitting Thomas’ body.

According to friends, Thomas had been at a party on Saturday night, and was walking home when the accident occurred. He was only about a mile from his home.

The incident has rocked Vidor high school, where Thomas was a student, as well as his family, the football team and the entire community. Dr. Joe Burns, the Vidor school superintendent released a statement: “It’s one of those tragedies you just hate to happen. It has left us heartbroken. He was a great kid and a good football player. It’s horrible.”

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