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Texas Medical Misdiagnosis Attorney

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Misdiagnosis happens when a physician doesn’t correctly diagnosis a patient’s condition. Delaying a diagnosis or failing to offer one at all may also be viewed as misdiagnosing an illness or injury. The bottom line is that a diagnosis that isn’t accurate or that isn’t forthcoming at all can compromise a patient’s well-being, causing their condition to worsen. In some situations, misdiagnosis can lead to death. If you believe you’ve been harmed because your medical condition wasn’t diagnosed correctly, a personal injury attorney can provide you with guidance. You may be entitled to compensation for the harm that was done.

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How Common Is Medical Misdiagnosis?

Accurate statistics about misdiagnosis are lacking. However, independent online healthcare information source HealthGrades reports that safety studies have found as many as 155 out of 1,000 hospitalized patients aren’t diagnosed and treated in a timely manner. Another study found errors in misdiagnosis or treatment in as many as four out of 10 individuals who report that they’ve been victims of medical mistakes. Finally, because of their time-constrained operations, hospital emergency rooms and intensive care units tend to report rates of misdiagnosis as high as 20% to 40%.

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At the Stephens Law Firm, Texas medical malpractice attorney Joe Stephens has distinguished himself by earning double board certifications, in Personal Injury Trial Law and in Civil Trial Advocacy. Such diligence is your assurance that Attorney Stephens has taken the time and effort to make certain that his credentials offer you a professional with outstanding competencies. He knows that when you’ve been injured or stricken ill, you expect your physician, hospital, or other medical provider to quickly and accurately assess your condition and take action to help you recover. When your ailment or injury is misidentified or not determined at all, your hope of a fast recovery can’t be realized.

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Work With an Injury Attorney That Understands Medical Misdiagnosis

As a Houston personal injury attorney and wrongful death lawyer, Joe Stephens understands that most physicians, hospitals, and other health care providers work to provide high-quality care. However, standards aren’t always upheld, and carelessness or negligence can result. When it does, the Stephens Law Firm has the resources needed to investigate such incidents. We work with medical professionals who can provide expert advice. If you need help in getting the care you need, our firm can assist. Attorney Stephens is a seasoned injury attorney who knows that research has placed the number of deaths due to medical malpractice at nearly 100,000 per year. And when it comes to injuries inflicted by medication errors, the estimates are more than a million annually.

Houston personal injury lawyer Joe Stephens knows that an inaccurate diagnosis can lead to multiple errors. Wrong medications are prescribed in an effort to treat a condition you don’t have. In turn, you may have an adverse reaction because you were given pharmaceuticals you don’t need. Your condition can grow worse rapidly because the ailment you do have goes untreated. If you went to the doctor for an injury and it isn’t identified correctly, proper treatment can’t be given. Houston medical malpractice lawyer Joe Stephens has seen cases that have led to unnecessary surgical procedures, putting patients through pain and suffering because of error.

Learn More About Filing a Medical Misdiagnosis Lawsuit

If you’ve been the victim of misdiagnosis, you need an attorney who understands the intricacies of the health care system and the ways in which doctors work. At the Stephens Law Firm, Houston injury attorney Joe Stephens is familiar with medical malpractice, including issues related to patient diagnoses. He knows how frustrating it can be when you’re ill or in pain and your doctor’s error in diagnosing you only compounds the problem.

Attorney Stephens has the know-how to take charge as a strong advocate for you and your family. He’ll pursue the maximum amount of compensation you deserve for the pain and suffering you’ve endured, the wages you’ve lost, and the medical costs with which you’ve been charged. When misdiagnosis leads to loss of life, Houston residents put their trust in Joe Stephens. His skills as a negotiator and as a trial attorney consistently achieve the results dependent family members need in order to recover compensation for their loss.

Call the Stephens Law Firm for help when you’ve been harmed by medical misdiagnosis, a workplace accident, a motor vehicle accident, a defective product, or other circumstance resulting from another person’s carelessness or negligence. Attorney Joe Stephens is the hard-hitting professional you need.



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