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When a doctor fails to diagnose your condition or delays making a diagnosis, you could be in for serious health consequences. Some illnesses, such as cancer, can progress rapidly if untreated. Late detection can mean that your ailment might require more aggressive care. In turn, the interventions used may be more difficult for your body to tolerate, leaving you at greater risk for side effects or for achieving a successful outcome. In worst cases, failure to diagnose a serious condition can result in a patient’s death.

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Lists of the most commonly missed diagnoses vary, as do credible statistics about how often doctors fail to diagnose their patients’ conditions. A British government study found that as many as 55 people per month who suffered from cancer went without a diagnosis or were diagnosed late. It also found that hospital errors with biopsies, x-rays, blood tests and other related issues contributed to the overall problem. In the U.S., reports note that emergency room personnel have high rates of failure when it comes to accurate diagnosis of patient problems – as many as half of the errors reported for emergency departments relate to failed diagnoses.

Texas medical malpractice attorney Joe Stephens has established himself as a leading advocate for victims of medical malpractice. He knows that as many as 30% to 40% of malpractice claims happen because a physician failed to diagnose or to do so accurately. As a board certified personal injury trial lawyer, Joe Stephens has seen the serious injuries and illnesses that result from such negligence. He knows that every day that passes without an accurate diagnosis of your condition can mean another day or pain and misery – for you and for the loved ones who care about and rely on you.

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Helping Injured Patients Get the Compensation They Need

Houston personal injury and wrongful death lawyer Joe Stephens knows that you depend on your doctor to apply his or her medical training to diagnose your condition. If the doctor can’t do so, then he should investigate the symptoms you experience until their cause can be determined. Because failure to diagnose may keep you from getting early or timely treatment, your condition can worsen. That may constitute a claim of negligence against your physician. But an injury attorney with the years of experience that Joe Stephens has also knows that liability may not stop with your doctor. In today’s healthcare industry, insurance companies and HMOs may play a role in diagnosis issues by refusing to allow the kind of tests and other care that can help identify conditions accurately and early. Attorney Stephens also understands that laboratories, hospitals and other facilities’ negligence or carelessness can adversely affect your care and your doctor’s ability to diagnose your condition.

When failure to diagnose leads to the loss of a loved one, Texas personal injury lawyer and wrongful death attorney Joe Stephens proves himself a strong and uncompromising advocate for the bereft family members left behind. The Stephens Law Firm has a respected reputation for its compassionate treatment of grieving loved ones who have suffered a loss because of medical malpractice. Attorney Stephens knows that an attorney who lacks comprehensive understanding of this complex area of the law may only contribute to the pain that families endure at such a difficult time. That’s why he has distinguished himself by earning double board certifications that ensure you of the most highly regarded credentials in personal injury and civil trial law. Joe Stephens has pledged his practice to be protectors of your rights and to provide the aggressive representation your case deserves. The Stephens Law Firm works for victims of all types of injuries, including medical malpractice, worksite injuries, defective products, motor vehicle accidents and wrongful death.

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If you’ve suffered because your doctor failed to diagnosis your illness, don’t delay in contacting Houston medical malpractice lawyer Joe Stephens for advice. You may be entitled to receive compensation for your physical, emotional and financial pain. If you’ve lost a loved one because of failed or late diagnosis, it is especially important that you contact us to discuss your rights. When you need a proven legal advocate, you need the attorney Houston injury and accident victims trust – Joe Stephens. Call the Stephens Law Firm today to schedule a free consultation. You pay nothing if we don’t recover monetary damages for you.

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