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Texting While Driving and Cell Phone Accidents
Distracted driving needlessly endangers the public. The State of Texas has passed distracted driving laws, and ten bills are before the legislature addressing texting and driving. About 80% of the public now considers texting while driving to be a significant problem according to numerous surveys. Cell phone and texting distracts the eyes, hands and the mind. Scientists tell us that different parts of the brain are required when we talk or text, and therefore, we are unable to focus, even if our eyes are on the road.

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Current Texas law House Bill 62 prohibits any drivers from texting while driving; another law prohibits drivers from using cell phones at a school crossing. Some cities such as San Antonio have in the past outlawed all use of cell phones while driving  in the city limits.

Even without the stricter Texas laws, a motorist has always been subject to liability if he fails to use ordinary care while driving a vehicle. Thus, if a driver has a wreck while texting and driving, the “law of negligence” will impose liability upon him/her.

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Statistics for Accidents & Injuries Caused by Distracted Driving and Texting

Even before the current use of texting, the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis estimated almost a decade ago that approximately 330,000 people are injured each year as a result of using cell phones while driving. It is now estimated that closer to 1 million people are injured each year or more, and 10,000 people die each year on highways as a direct result of texting and driving.

It is estimated that talking on a cell phone causes about ¼ of all the car accidents in America. About one in five adults admit that they send text messages while driving. About nine in ten Americans talk on cell phones while driving.

The threat from teenage drivers is even more astounding. About 50 percent of teenagers send text messages when they drive. Teens admit that texting is the No. 1 driver distraction.

The Concord Monitor Newspaper estimated in 2009 that distracted driving accidents cost an estimated $43 billion each year due to medical bills, loss wages, loss of life, and property damage.

As a result, Triple A is moving for new legislation in all 50 states to ban texting and driving.

Distracted Driving is the #1 Cause of Rear End Collisions

Statistics show that a very large percentage of rear end accidents are caused because somebody is looking down at a text message, and looks up too late to stop his vehicle in order to stop. As one of the top rated Houston car accident lawyers, I know how to prove that negligence was the cause of your accident and injuries.

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