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find a local houston personal injury attorney

Houston Defective Auto Parts Attorney

One of the Best Faulty Auto Component Lawyers in Houston, TX

When you drive your car you trust that all the components that make the vehicle work are made reliably, without defects. You place your trust in this fact as your speed down the highway at 70 miles per hour every day. So when a faulty auto part causes a serious injury or accident you are entitled to seek compensation.

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About Vehicle Recalls

Not all defective product lawsuits involve injury. Defective auto components can fit into a wide range of categories. If you suffer substantial loss or additional vehicle issues due to a product recall, you may be entitled to additional repairs and monetary damages.

Common Types of Dangerous Auto Defects Include:

  • Defective Tires

  • Brake System Failure

  • Malfunctioning Airbags

  • Roof Collapse

  • Car Fire (Electronics)

  • Car Fire (Fuel System)

  • Defective Windshield

  • Seat Back Failure

  • Stuck Throttle

If you purchased a vehicle that has serious defects, or that has been recalled by the manufacturer, the Stephens Law Firm can help you evaluate your options for legal recourse.

Proving Liability or Breach of Warranty

The first step in pursuing a defective auto part claim is to demonstrate that personal injuries and losses were a result of a defect in manufacturing, design, or there was a failure to warn of potential issues. A product is considered "defective" if it fails to perform as ordinarily expected when used for the purpose it was designed. Defect car part claims come down to three issues: strict liability, breach of express warranty, and breach of implied warranty

Class Action Lawsuits

If your accident was due to a defective product that is already in class action we can assist you in adding your case to the suit. Like most of our personal injury cases, it cost nothing upfront to join a class action suit. Contact our Houston defect auto parts lawyer today for a free consult.

Learn More About How to File a Claim

If you believe you have a product liability case then contact our office as soon as possible. If any of your claims are settled by 3rd parties or insurance companies BEFORE you file a lawsuit, it may affect your ability to pursue damages and recover.



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