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ATV passengers are unprotected with no seat belts or air bags. ATV passengers are commonly thrown or ejected from the vehicle. Further, there is no need for the driver to be licensed, and often the driver has little experience, and is commonly driven by minors. No protective gear is ever worn on an ATV. On top of these risks, ATVs are usually driven at unsafe speeds and by those who are joy riding and under the influence of drugs or alcohol. To further enhance the risk, ATV’s are often overloaded, and driven on rough terrain, even at night. However, it has been my experience that the reckless driving is almost always the major factor in causing ATV accidents.

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The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) shows that thousands of people have died as a result of ATV accidents, about one-third of them children. About one third occur on paved surfaces. More often it is on rough terrain. Over 800,000 people have been injured over the past 5 years, most seriously. These are preventable accidents.

Houston ATV accident attorney Joe Stephens handles many ATV accident cases involving serious injury every year. He handles these cases just as tenaciously as he does for car wreck litigation cases. ATV’s commonly cause very serious injuries such as skull fractures, head and brain injuries, paralysis, even death.

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Legal Responsibility For ATV Accidents and Injuries

It is wise to choose a State and Nationally double board certified Houston personal injury lawyer like Joe Stephens to handle an ATV case. He is able to investigate these cases, then determine if the legal responsibility for the accident should be borne by the manufacturer, the driver, or the landowner where the accident happened. ATV’s are marketed for children, and yet it is these innocent victims that are often killed or permanently injured because they are often entrusted with driving them. They seem safe, yet they are able to be driven at high speeds with no protection by a very inexperienced driver. It is a recipe for disaster. Manufacturers owe the duty to adequately warn, and to adequately design a safe product. Legal liability can be imposed depending on the case.

Handling ATV Injury Insurnace Claims Can Be Difficult

Insurance policies often exclude payment unless the claim is brought against the proper party with the proper allegations. The wording of the claim or lawsuit can make the difference between coverage, or non-coverage.

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It is advisable to choose an experienced ATV lawyers in the United States such as Joe Stephens to evaluate your claim. Please call and he will evaluate your case for free. You only pay a fee if he takes your case, and then he is paid out of the recovery. If you do not recover any monies, you owe nothing.