San Marcos Bus Crash Leaves 21 Injured

Houston car accident lawyers know that mechanical failures can sometimes cause motor vehicle accidents. It can be frightening when you’re driving and feel something slip or go wrong with your car or truck that you cannot control. It is even more frightening when something like this happens on a commercial vehicle, carrying many passengers, and the risk for injury is exponentially higher because of the high number of passengers on board.

A bus traveling in San Marcos, Texas crashed on Interstate 35, injuring all of the 21 passengers that were on board. Witnesses saw Mares bus number 1703 lying on its side just South of the San Marcos Outlet Mall at about 4:15 a.m. on Friday morning, July 1.

According to San Marcos police Chief Williams, “The bus ran off the road and over-corrected in trying to get back onto the Expressway. The bus turned over, landed on its side, and skidded for a way down the expressway,” said Chief Williams. “We don’t know the cause of the accident yet. We don’t know what caused the bus to go off the road or what caused them to over-correct.”

Several of the injured passengers were flown to a hospital in San Antonio, and six were flown to University Medical Center in Brackenridge. A four-year old victim and her mother were both flown to Dell Children’s Hospital in Austin. The mother was treated and released, but the little girl had severe injuries. She suffered a broken and severely lacerated leg, which had to be amputated above the knee—a true tragedy for such a young child.

Authorities are still investigating the accident, which is still in preliminary stages. Police plan to interview all the passengers, the driver and other witnesses to attempt to piece together the cause of the accident and to determine if any charges will be filed. Authorities are also inspecting the bus to determine if any mechanical difficulties contributed to the accident.

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