Riley Road Fire in Houston Prompts Several Road Closures

Houston car accident injury attorneys have watched along with other Houston residents the raging Riley Road fire and the devastating effects the blaze has had on several communities and thousands of residents. The fire has been burning for over a week and evacuation orders for residents in Grimes, Montgomery and Walker counties were finally being lifted, allowing families and residents back to their homes.


As of today, Tuesday morning, the Riley Road Fire burned nearly 19,000 acres in the three counties, and demolished at least 60 homes. Many roads were shut down, and thousands of residents evacuated to try to help protect the residents from the spreading fire, and from potential motor vehicle accidents. Many roads were closed to prevent residents from trying to get back to their homes while it was still dangerous, but also to slow the flow of traffic during this anxiety-provoking situation.

Houston car accident lawyers know that during an emergency situation or especially stressful time, drivers do not always make the best decisions while driving so it is best to stay off the road if you are under any sort of emotional trauma. The Riley Road fire has been emotionally devastating and difficult for many of the area residents, and despite the roads being closed because of the fire damage, it turns out to be a good thing for all area residents. So far there have been no accidents reported as a result of the Riley Road fire, which is a relief. Following is a list of some of the roads that are starting to be opened, and a few that remain closed due to the work still to be done to fully contain the fire.

Montgomery County officials said FM 1488 opened Monday west to Woodland Lakes, where there was a checkpoint for residents to pass on to the Ranch Crest subdivision. The areas accessible from FM 1488 were Ranch Crest, Woodland Lakes, Alford Estates, Magnolia West, Wisteria Farms, River Park Ranch, Ruel Road and Old Hockley Road south to Nichols Sawmill Road.

Crown Ranch residents were allowed to return to their homes, too, but they must enter on FM 1486 from Jackson Road. FM 1774 and FM 1486 reopened at noon Monday.

FM 1486 was open to residents only and identification is required to access the neighborhoods. Officials said returning residents should remain cautious and remember the burned areas can contain hazards, including falling tree limbs and decreased visibility on the road.

In Waller County, as of 8 a.m. Tuesday, FM 1488 is open to all through-traffic. All cross roads and side roads north and south of 1488 are still closed.

The following streets also opened Monday: Pinewood Valley, Hargrave, Country Lane East, Country Lane West, Oak Hollow up to Rolling Hills, Cherry Hill, Walnut Hill, Fox Hollow, Deer Brook, Brook Hollow, Bent Wood, Cedar Hill, Ashley, Lake View, Brook Hollow Court and Lake Forest Boulevard.

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