Red Light Cameras Successful at Reducing Crashes

Car wreck law firms in Houston are pleased that there is actually some good news on the horizon as relates to car accidents: that red light cameras are a successful tool in preventing motor vehicle and traffic accidents.

The Texas Transportation Institute released a report on Monday, with the information that red light related crashes dropped by 25 percent statewide since the installation of red light cameras at various intersections. The report detailed 275 intersections across Texas where the cameras have been installed, and the researchers say that these findings reinforce the safety benefit of the controversial red light cameras.

The study looked at crash data from the intersections both before and after red light cameras had been installed, and noted a significant drop in the incidence of accidents due to drivers running red lights. Critics of the divisive devices say that the safety aspect of the cameras is unproven and that the cameras are simply a scheme to generate revenue for local governments.

The city of Houston began installing red light cameras in 2007, which caused so much controversy that voters passed a referendum in November 2010 to turn off the cameras around the city. A federal judge later invalidated that ballot measure, and the red light cameras around Houston were turned back on.

There is no doubt that red light cameras are an inconvenience to many drivers. Most drivers at one time or another run a red light because they are in a hurry or for a number of other reasons. And the fines for a red like camera ticket can be steep: up to $100 in some cases. Nobody wants to spend their hard earned money on a traffic violation, but if the upside is that fewer accidents occur because people are being more cautious not to run red lights, meaning fewer injuries and fatalities, the benefit of the red light cameras are certainly worth the cost.

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