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Railroad crossings can be a dangerous affair for any driver, no matter the experience level. The number of car-train collisions stands at over 1,800 per year in the US — that’s an average of five train accidents per day. The often-overlooked fact that causes most of these accidents is that it takes around a mile for most freight trains to reach a full stop. Even if the oncoming train can see a car or another vehicle stopped on the tracks, their stopping distance is usually too short to avoid a disastrous collision. 

When a commercial truck gets involved, it’s disastrous for everyone involved. The length of a big truck makes it trickier to maneuver away from a train. If for any reason the truck breaks down while crossing the tracks, the trailer is in immense danger. Equally, if the trailer’s contents are hazardous or flammable, the entire surrounding area by the crossing is under threat. The truck driver, train passengers, other vehicles, pedestrians, and nearby property are all in danger.

In addition to the precautions above, according to an auto wreck attorney in West Houston, the impact of a big truck’s payload will be far more forceful than a car in a crash. All this makes truck accidents some of the most devastating and costly crashes to happen on railroads. Having the connections to deal with their aftermath, therefore, is essential. 

How Railroad Commercial Truck Wrecks Happen — and the Costs

A substantial amount of truck crashes occur due to driver negligence. Between 2008-2017, the failure to stop at the railroad crossing accounted for 43% of highway-railroad collisions—and $63 million in damages.

It can also be the fault of the trucker’s client. Issues can be present in the packaging or loading of the contents, for example. A truck wreck can also occur at a rail crossing due to another driver’s actions. If a car attempts to make the crossing and brakes sharply before a truck behind has had time to cross, the situation can quickly become fatal. 

At times, there can be no blame present in a truck accident — natural intervention such as animals or rugged terrain can cause derailment or poor driving, and unforeseen malfunctions can still occur despite everything following safety regulations. The complexity is why it’s important to always treat life-changing crashes with a lens of justice and fairness

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West Houston Railroad Crossing Truck Accident Attorney

Call an Experienced Truck Accident Lawyers in West Houston

If you or someone you know has been in a truck, 18-wheeler, or big rig crash, a good West Houston truck wreck injury attorney can help. With extensive experience dealing with commercial truck collisions, West Houston lawyer Joe Stephens will listen and understand on a deeper level the causes behind your accident. 

Our firm specializes in a variety of different collision/crash cases, including railroad crossing truck accidents. We make sure you feel heard and understood. Equally important to us as the liability is the potential compensation you deserve. Joe Stephens, an experienced negligent death law firms in West Houston will help you in court if you have lost a loved one in a railroad crossing accident. If you’re experiencing distrust or problems sorting a sum out with the insurance companies of involved parties, feel free to turn to us for a hand — we’d love to help.

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