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Unfamiliarity with Roads Causing a Large Number of Crashes

Big rig drivers are among the most careful and knowledgeable drivers on the roads. They have to be. The damage caused by a commercial truck crash can be huge, so much so that this job carries one of the highest occupational fatalities rates in the U.S.

The time pressure when operating an 18-wheeler is huge. Trucking companies want their drivers to deliver goods as fast as possible with no fuss. This can lead to big truck drivers taking poorly planned routes to save time. These routes can lead to accidents, serious injuries, or death for passenger vehicles involved in collisions.

Here’s what you need to know about these truck accidents and what you should do if you’ve been involved in a poorly planned route truck wreck. 

Why Do Poorly Planned Truck Accidents Happen?

Serious road accidents are all-too-common for 18-wheeler drivers, with around 1 in 3 experiencing a truck wreck at some point in their career. The companies that hire drivers don’t want to deal with the alarming statistics about road safety and continue to pressure drivers to meet unrealistic and unsafe targets. This practice directly endangers motorists’ lives and encourages drivers to rely on the fastest routes in unfamiliar territory.

19% of accidents involving big rigs were caused by unfamiliarity with roads, with a further 10% caused by work pressure. That’s almost 1 in 3 truck accidents between these two causes, both related to poorly planned routes.

Sadly, with the time pressure that big rig drivers are under, it’s easy for injurious or even fatal collisions to happen on unfamiliar roads. If you’ve been in a big truck crash due to a poorly planned route, the first thing you do is seek legal aid. 

The Problem with Commercial Truck Companies and Insurance Providers

Those who have been involved in an 18-wheeler accident can suffer terrible damage, physically and mentally. You will most likely need compensation for your losses. Often, you may lose a loved one, if tragically that’s been your case, contact an experienced West Houston accidental death lawyer today.

However, the commercial truck company might not want to deal with its responsibility. The insurance firms behind the companies are experts at avoiding claims for accidents involving 18-wheelers. 

It’s hard for motorists to know where to turn for accountability without legal support. You’ll need an attorney that has experience seeking compensation for innocent drivers in big rig accidents.  

Why You Should Hire a Lawyer

Drivers of passenger vehicles often sustain serious injuries (or worse) in this type of accident, but even minor injuries can require legal action. If you’ve been injured in any way due to a big truck traveling on a poorly planned route, you may be entitled to compensation. There’s no such thing as ‘not injured enough’ when harm has been done due to someone else’s negligence. Don’t hesitate to call an experienced West Houston big rig wreck attorney.

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West Houston Bad Route Truck Accident Attorney

Call an Experienced Truck Accident Lawyers in West Houston

Joe Stephens of the Stephens Law Firm has 30 years of legal experience under his belt defending those involved in truck accidents. If a commercial truck company doesn’t want your truck crash anywhere near its insurance, Joe Stephens can provide some much-needed legal power in your corner.

At the Stephens Law Firm, one of the best vehicle injury attorney in West Houston, we’ll listen to your case and offer you the best advice and top-class legal representation. Whatever the injury or situation, Joe Stephens will help you seek legal aid for a commercial truck accident.

Call us today to learn more about what help we can offer you.

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