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When a commercial truck accident happens, of course your initial concern is for the well-being of those involved, including yourself and your family. Did you get injured? Do you need an emergency vehicle? Did you contact emergency services? Soon after an accident, you’re likely to have all these concerns in mind; but this is likely to be just the beginning.

A Specialist Truck Crash Attorney Will Advise You

Trucking Crash cases are considerably different and more complicated than West Houston auto wreck cases. Truck Wrecks can commonly involve more consequential damages and traumas compared to the typical car crash. Sadly, most truck companies will attempt to minimize a victims’ suffering from the reckless actions of their drivers. Joe Stephens is among the handful of injury lawyers that can offer the practical experience and knowledge necessary to address a truck injury case professionally. Hundreds of individuals have prevailed in their trucking accident cases because of our assistance. If you were injured by a commercial truck or 18 wheeler, don’t simply hire any law firm; hire a good West Houston trucking wreck injury lawyer with the expertise, energy, and track record to get you the full recovery you deserve!

We’ll get started working on the case and offering advice as soon as you give our law offices a call. Evidence seems to dissipate quickly after a accident, especially if neglectful parties are attempting to cover up liability for the accident. For this reason, it’s usually better to allow us to deal with the issue as soon as possible.

If you or a family member suffered trauma in a trucking accident, you probably have concerns about what to do next, and you may not even know how to begin. Please know that we offer a 100 % FREE case review, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so call us without delay at 281-623-1701, or use this website to send us a query or get more information. There is NO cost to get a case evaluation from our staff of nationally recognized trucking accident legal professionals right now. With our team of experts, you won’t need to be concerned about paying up front bills, because you’ll only have to pay us once we win your case.

We Strive To Demonstrate Who Was Responsible For The Collision

Truck companies carry commercial insurance policies that safeguard the company and their driver against claims for personal injury or wrongful death. With these policies often providing liability coverage amounts with as much as 7 figures, the risk of loss can be concerning for the insurance carriers. Most insurance companies will fight even harder to keep their money and pay out as little recovery as they can get away with because of this exposure. For the best likelihood of obtaining the recovery you are entitled to, it’s often a wise strategy to pick a lawyer that’s experienced in handling these sorts of cases. Your case should not be a training experience for your lawyer.

From sending an accident reconstruction team to examine the vehicles and scene of the accident, to inspecting records, upkeep, and employment documents; Joe works to guarantee that you receive the maximum from your case.

Typically, this will allow our team of experts to collect all of the in depth information we need to assist you on your case.

That is not all though, as Mr. Stephens will invest time to discover more about your personal injuries, if and in what way they can be treated, and the medical related costs involved with both existing and future treatment.

Once we possess all the understanding we require, our team will take care to identify how much compensation you’ll need to take care of yourself as well as your family for years to come.

If we can’t acquire a settlement for you from the truck company; our legal team will bring the matter to court and help you to get the compensation you need.

Receiving A Settlement for Your Damages

Making bills can often become a challenging process after a truck accident takes place. With the consequence that truck wrecks can have on an persons life, it’s reasonable that your legal rights and damages should bring you a fair amount of recovery. When you hire our firm, it turns into our responsibility to not only guarantee that no stone goes unturned, but also that you get the greatest settlement available.

Some of the questions we may ask future clients regarding their incident may include:

  • Did the wreck cause any injuries or fatalities?
  • How severe was the property damage?
  • Did you contact the police and provide a statement?
  • What did the police do (apprehend the offending vehicle driver/dispense a ticket)?
  • Did the crash result in health related or insurance expenses, which you now have to pay?
  • Do you still require ongoing medical care?
  • Did you have to miss work and lose income?
  • Are there residual side effects from your injuries?
  • Are you dealing with bodily disability or agony?
  • Do you have any recollection of what took place before you were involved in the collision?

Some of the legal damages for these types of commercial vehicle accidents in Texas are:

  • Reasonable medical costs to manage current and future needs
  • Both bodily and psychological damages (current and ongoing)
  • An inability to earn money (including an expected reduction of wages to come)
  • Bodily disability and residual effects from injuries
  • In certain circumstances, punitive or exemplary damages may apply
  • Any survival damages awarded for wrongful death

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When you contact the Stephens Law Firm, Accident Lawyers, you will speak with a legal team you can count on. We will always be honest about your choices in your case and won’t ever aim to persuade you to accept a outcome that is less than you are entitled to. Any truck company (and their insurers) paying attention will know that we’ll do everything in our power to prove their fault and that you and deserve damages. We play hardball on the part of our clients because that is the best way to collect the full compensation you are entitled to after a harrowing commercial truck crash.

For 30 years (and counting), we’ve been known as some of the toughest in the state for helping victims of a commercial truck accident. And, since we work on a contingency fee basis, you’ll only need to pay us for our world-class services if we win the case for you. Contact us now to get the help you need! We’re available 24/7, so please give us a call on 281-623-1701 or fill in the form on this page. We can’t wait to help you! Click Here for Directions to Our West Houston big rig accident Law Firm