Must Have Supplies for Truck Drivers

Stay in Shape While Working Long Haul Routes

Seasoned truck drivers who have been in the truck industry for a long time always keep supplies in their truck for unexpected incidents. If you drive a semi-truck or an 18-wheeler, your vehicle alone won’t suffice if you’re stranded or need help.  Although you won’t always need these truck driver supplies, if an unexpected event derails you, they can make all the difference with your experience and your safety.

In the truck industry, certain truck driver supplies can save you on the road. Accidents happen that range from crashes to engine failure. Even if your truck is running fine, you might get lost, get in an accident, or face any number of dangerous scenarios.

A List of Must-Have Items for Truck Drivers

Always keep a fire extinguisher in your vehicle. Fire extinguishers come in handy if anything happens to your truck, or something catches fire unexpectedly inside of it.

A First-Aid Kit is crucial if you have minor scrapes, cuts, or other wounds. Keep a separate bag nearby for toiletries, and don’t forget to supplement it often once you use them up. Personal hygiene is essential for the job, so don’t neglect yours.

A pair of heavy-duty work gloves should always be in your glove compartment. You can grab them quickly if you need to pick up something heavy or sharp, protecting your hands from injury.

Swiss Army knives can get you out of sticky situations. You can use them to open cans, unscrew nails, and cut objects. In worst-case scenarios, it is a survival tool if you’re caught in the wilderness or a dangerous situation.

During the winter months, a de-icer is an absolute necessity. It keeps your windshield clear during times of limited visibility.

Investing in a rechargeable headlamp pays off, especially if you take a lot of night trips. If your truck breaks down in an area that isn’t well lit, you may be in danger. A rechargeable headlamp takes the place of a flashlight without having to use your hands.

Durable, high-quality sunglasses protect your vision. Use them to reduce the glare of the sun on your eyes and prevent squinting, which decreases your visibility, especially in a big truck.

If your truck breaks down in an isolated place, you need food and water to survive. Sometimes, extreme weather events force truck drivers to pull over. Having a good supply of canned food and bottled water for at least three days ensures your survival if something happens.

Most people nowadays rely on their phones or GPS for navigation. Although your GPS is an invaluable tool, it can still break along the way. Don’t rely on GPS alone to get to your location. Get a paper map with the route on just in case.

Subscribing to an audiobook or podcast service is a great way to pass the time while you’re driving. You have so many options to choose from, like learning a new language or listening to your favorite stories. They also make the time pass more quickly.

These truck driver supplies go a long way if your next trip goes awry. Never leave your home on a long route without them. Also, remember to replace old supplies and check to make sure existing ones still work.

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