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Improperly Loaded Cargo Led to Big Rig Accident

We see plenty of big rigs on our highways. Unfortunately, some of us have also seen them get into truck accidents. One of the worst collisions of this kind occurs when the vehicle falls over or spills its contents. The lost load can fall onto the car behind the big rig or on the road, creating deadly obstacles. 

To keep all this cargo secure, truck drivers and loading companies need to follow strict protocols when securing and loading their big trucks. When large shipments and cargo get lost, it can lead to devastating effects.

Here’s what you need to know if you’ve been in a lost load crash with an 18-wheeler. 

What Causes a Load Truck Accident?

  • Unsecured or lose cargo: Cargo secured poorly has a great chance of falling, spilling, and flying off the big rig. The lost load can lead to truck accidents. 
  • Unbalanced loads: A top-heavy load can cause the rig to sway and wobble, and it may even tip over completely. Equal weight distribution across the whole cargo load, especially for 18-wheelers, is essential to avoid a truck wreck.
  • Negligent drivers: Often, a load truck accident is avoidable if the driver is careful and vigilant when loading their vehicles. The FMCSA reports 80% of truck crashes resulted because truck drivers were not paying attention in the three seconds before the collision. Drivers need to follow all procedures when securing the load and be aware of how the cargo can shift at high speeds, up and down slopes, and when taking sharp turns. 
  • Driver fatigue: The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration enforces regulations for hours of service. These limits ensure that drivers do not get fatigued. However, some drivers will violate these rules.

Who Is Liable for a Lost Load Truck Accident?

According to a top rated semi truck accident attorney, the responsibility of avoiding a lost load truck accident falls upon:

  • The driver: It is the commercial truck driver’s primary responsibility to ensure that the cargo on their vehicle is secure per federal guidelines. The driver needs to make sure that the weight is even. Even if they haven’t loaded the truck themselves, they need to conduct a thorough inspection before taking a full rig onto the roads.
  • The trucking company: The fleet company must ensure that all their drivers and workforce have proper training on handling cargo loads. It is also the company’s responsibility to put safety regulations in place. 
  • Manufacturers: Whether it is the vehicle, the container, or the cargo itself, each manufacturer needs to ensure the rig is as safe as possible.
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West Houston Lost Load Truck Accident Attorney

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If you are the victim of a lost load collision, you may be eligible for compensation. Joe Stephens, one of the best automobile wreck attorneys in West Houston, can help. We will work quickly to determine the cause of the lost load accident and make sure you get the payout you deserve. We understand the toll these incidents can take on your health, finances, and more. Oftentimes, people lose a loved one due to these types of events, if that’s you case, don’t wait; get in touch with an experienced negligent death law firms in West Houston, call us today.

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