Living in Brookshire Texas

The town is a small suburb located about 30 miles west of Houston and about 10 miles from Katy, Texas. It’s hard to find any good legal service in the area so you’ll likely need a veteran injury lawyer in Katy if you get into legal trouble. Located in Waller county, the surrounding area is mostly rural with the town spanning only 3.5 miles. The founder of this Texas town was a former Texas army captain, though the land was granted in 1893, the town didn’t form until 1946.

Brookshire, Texas is home to a population of 5,199 people. Its poverty rate is high, at 19%, which is significantly higher than the national average. Unlike large cities, small towns typically experience worse economic conditions, and Brookshire is no exception. The poverty rate is 19% higher than the national average of 10-13%, which makes Brookshire a surprisingly poor place to live.

Before making a decision on a Brookshire home, consider a few factors such as the neighborhood. For instance, houses in a neighborhood should not be identical, and they should have ample parking space. If they do, you may want to reconsider the area. Also, check out whether the houses are well-maintained and if they have garages. These factors can help you determine whether or not the neighbors are desirable or not. 

The availability of daycare facilities is also a plus. If you’re working full-time and need childcare for your children, Brookshire, TX has a number of childcare facilities. Some of these include Childrens Lighthouse Brookshire-Jordan Ranch, My Place Early Learning Center-Woodcreek, and British Private Prep School. In addition, the town’s proximity to urgent care centers is a plus.

The town is home to the Brookshire Brother’s that founded the grocery chain. The Brookshire Brothers Grocery Company has more than 150 stores throughout Texas. Some of its stores have specialty departments, bakery sections, florists, and pharmacy sections. Some of its stores also offer organic food and a large selection of vitamins and household cleaning products. The company’s stores are 40,000-100k square feet, and feature a wide selection of products and services. Its stores serve customers from all over Texas and beyond.

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