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Has your life been affected by a reckless less than load truck driver? If you, or a loved one, has been affected by reckless driving from a commercial truck on the road or has been the unfortunate victim and has passed away due to serious injuries from a negligent truck wreck, you could be entitled to compensation. Don’t hesitate to contact a winning West Houston negligent death attorney today.

After one of these common truck crashes, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. With the help of the best truck accident lawyers in West Houston, you’ll get the settlement you deserve so you can pay your medical and auto-repair bills.

Here’s what you need to know about this type of load truck crash and how an accident lawyer in West Houston will help. 

What Is Less Than Load Trucking?

Less than load trucking, also known as LTL trucking, is the commercial truck process that allows for small freight transportation. It often involves parcel carriers and typically involves moving individual units that weigh less than 150 pounds per shipment. According to a West Houston 18 wheeler collision law firm, less than load trucking gets its name because an average shipment is smaller than what the 18-wheeler truck bed can carry when filled to capacity.

Less than load trucking often uses a spoke and wheel system that allows these smaller packages to move quickly across the country without being affected by their size. 

Because less than load trucking involves lighter loads, LTL vehicles often drive through commercial and residential areas instead of sticking to highways. This means the average person is more likely to interact with an LTL vehicle than a traditional big rig. LTL vehicles are becoming more commonly used by shipping companies, as well.

When LTL drivers are careless, they put you and your family directly at risk.

What Can Lawyers Do After an LTL Trucking Accident?

After experiencing a truck wreck, it can be hard to know where to turn. With an experienced legal team, an auto wreck lawyer in West Houston will guide you through the process. 

Here’s what you can expect:

Determine Who’s Negligent

First things first, a team of lawyers will determine if the driver’s negligence caused the truck wreck.

This investigation includes determining if there was negligence from the big rig driver due to careless driving or negligence from the commercial truck company for overlooking CVIs, or commercial vehicle inspection factors. 

Respecting CVIs is important for maintaining safety on the road. Commercial vehicle inspection factors include: 

  • Ensuring tires are in a safe condition
  • Checking the brake lining of an 18-wheeler or other commercial vehicle to ensure it’s in good condition
  • Guaranteeing that no driver has been on the road for too long

Your lawyer will determine if the LTL truck that hit your vehicle did not follow through with safety protocol. 

Negotiations with Commercial Trucking Company

As the investigation into negligence begins, your lawyer will start a good faith negotiation with the driver and their company to get you the compensation.

If the company dodges its responsibilities, formal legal proceedings will begin.

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Call an Experienced Truck Accident Lawyers in West Houston

You don’t have to fight a careless LTL case on your own. After a bad big truck accident, you need the support of a legal team.

Call Joe Stephens today for a free consultation and see how they can help you after your LTL truck wreck. The Stephens Law Firm start investigating the big truck accident that affected your life and fights for your compensation today!

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