Lawsuit for Accident Caused by 18-Wheeler Parked on the Side of the Road

Every driver has seen a commercial truck parked on the side of the highway, unable to move. Big rigs, like any other car, break down. When they do, it can pose a considerable risk to other drivers on the road. 

At night and in poorly-lit areas, it can be almost impossible to notice an idled 18-wheeler. There are several reasons to know why a driver of a big truck might pull over on the shoulder—and why you might have a valid lawsuit on your hands if you’ve crashed into one.

Why Do Big Trucks Stop on the Shoulder?

Legally, big trucks should not park on the shoulder unless there is an emergency. But occasionally, a commercial truck driver may stop under other circumstances. For example, they could be fatigued or need to find the correct route. When a big rig driver does this, another driver could cause a truck wreck by crashing into the back of the stopped 18-wheeler and creating severe damages.

Another common truck crash occurs when a car slams into a big rig so fast that it slides underneath the vehicle, slicing off the top of the vehicle. This truck wreck can result from big trucks parked in dark areas off the road. If you have been injured in a wreck such as these, contact an 18 wheeler injury law firm in West Houston to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Laws Governing Trucks Parked on the Shoulder

Various laws govern when and how a commercial truck driver can park on the side of the road. In Texas, big truck operators must follow the Texas Transportation Code, also called the Rules of the Road. One law requires drivers to use hazard blinkers when pulling to the side of the road. Another states that big rig drivers must place triangles, flares, or cones to warn other drivers of their commercial trucks. 

By law, big trucks also must have under-guard rails installed. Rails help prevent rear-end truck accidents. They also must always comply with the latest guidelines from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). These specifications get updated annually to protect every vehicle operator on the road.

Who Is at Fault in a Commercial Truck Wreck? 

Typically, when a car crashes into another vehicle’s rear end, that car is responsible for the wreck. However, when a car hits a big truck parked on the shoulder, this is not always the case. If the big rig involved did not use cones or flashes, they could be at fault for the crash. Improperly installed under guard rails may also put the blame on the trucking company. All these situations and more can be grounds for a lawsuit, especially if the wreck involves serious injuries or deaths, for that don’t hesitate to contact a winning accidental death law firm in West Houston now.

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