Is Motorcycle Lane Splitting Legal on Texas Roads?

Lane splitting is a technique used by motorcycles to save time by driving in the gap between two different lanes of car traffic. But can you split lanes on Texas highways?

Although lane splitting is quite common, the practice is often considered dangerous and regularly leads to motorcycle wrecks occurring.

Lane splitting is not legal on Texas roads. Therefore, if you’ve been affected by an auto accident involving lane splitting, you could be entitled to compensation. 

Let’s learn more about how lane splitting is treated under Texas law and who you should contact if you’ve been involved in a lane splitting accident.

Can You Split Lanes on a Bike on Texas Highways?

Although many bikers favor it, can you split lanes on Texas highways?

There isn’t a specific provision in Texas state law dealing with lane splitting. There’s also no guidance setting out where and when it’s acceptable to carry out the maneuver.

However, state guidelines do have provisions regulating safe driving. The Texas Transportation Code § 545.060stipulates that motorists should remain within one lane unless making a legal lane change. Since lane splitting does not meet this definition, that would suggest it is illegal. 

This code means that if you’re found to be lane splitting, you could be pulled over by police and charged for dangerous driving.

There was an attempt by Texas lawmakers to introduce legislation to legalize the practice of lane splitting back in 2026. Under the draft rules, lane splitting would have been legal in traffic traveling at speeds of up to 20 miles per hour, provided motorcyclists did not travel more than 5 miles per hour faster than vehicular traffic.

However, the proposed bill never made it to a Senate vote, so the existing legislation still stands. 

The existing laws on safe driving entail that if you’ve suffered an injury as a result of a lane-splitting accident in Texas, you could be entitled to compensation.

Why You Need an Attorney for Lane Splitting Accident Cases

Initiating legal proceedings is a complex process. To help you navigate your way through, you’ll need the support of an auto accident attorney such as Joe Stephens.

Unless you have a legal background, it can be challenging to work out how to draft legal letters or even work out what you may have to say in court. All of this work and more can be made easy with the support of an experienced auto accident attorney.

You may be unaware of the relevant road safety laws which deal with lane splitting and dangerous driving. An auto accident attorney will be able to identify the relevant pieces of legislation and build a strong argument around the facts of the case.

Whether you get compensation for the injury you’ve suffered due to a car wreck will depend on the facts of the case and the strength of the legal arguments. An experienced auto accident attorney can build strong arguments on your behalf and get the proper outcomes that you deserve.

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