Improper Truck Maintenance Accident Lawyer in West Houston

Proper commercial truck maintenance is essential to ensure road safety for truck drivers and other motorists alike. 

If you have been in a truck accident and suffered personal injuries, you may be able to receive compensation. Truck companies without sufficient inspection reports are liable and could face penalties, and paying you could be one of their responsibilities. 

Here, we discuss how improper maintenance can result in a truck wreck and how you can make a claim if it affects you with an 18 wheeler crash lawyer in West Houston.

What Is Improper Maintenance?

Improper truck maintenance can encompass a wide range of parts of the vehicle that the fleet owner has neglected to maintain, including:

Tires and Brakes 

Equipment repair can go unnoticed in a large vehicle. Small punctures in tires, worn brake pads, and other damages and obstructions can lead to various accidents. 

Lights, Windscreens, Side Mirrors

A broken brake light, faulty bulb, or damaged side mirror on a truck creates greater accident risk to their drivers and other road users. A cracked windscreen, broken wipers, a missing side mirror, or fogged up glass can also lead to trouble on the roads

Many collisions happen because drivers are in the trucker’s blind spot, which is what the side mirrors help to diminish. But if the mirror is broken or missing, it’s the trucker’s fault, not the other driver.

Heavy Loads 

A big truck, such as an 18-wheeler, can weigh 80,000 pounds when loaded fully. If drivers fail to secure their loads properly, particularly for a big rig, a truck crash is more probable. 

Liabilities of Negligent Maintenance

If truck companies fail to replace faulty parts and one of their vehicles is in an accident, you may be able to take legal action. Various legal factors hold these companies liable.

Reports and Regulations 

Semi drivers must maintain records of their vehicles under federal regulations. A failure to do so could put them at legal risk if car drivers are involved in an accident. 

Many accidents result from a driver’s or company’s failure to check their vehicles and file these driver inspection reports. 

Negligence Claims 

Filing a negligence claim against a commercial truck company can be complicated. Large fleet companies often hire lawyers to fight their cases successfully. 

You’ll need to have an automobile injury attorney in West Houston present so that you can make sure your claim gets the proper handling and attention it deserves.  

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West Houston Truck Maintenance Accident Attorney

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