I-10 Closure in Katy Texas This Weekend

A top rated auto crash attorney in Houston, TX knows that one of the biggest culprits of motor vehicle accidents is traffic. And one of the biggest contributors to excess traffic is roadworks and road closures.

If you need to get to Katy this weekend and need to drive westbound on the I-10, either give yourself extra time, or plan an alternate route. The I-10 Katy Freeway will be closed from 9p.m. Friday until Monday morning at 5a.m. The closure will be between Mason Road and Katy Fort Bend Road.

Vehicles will be directed towards a detour along the frontage road lanes of the Katy I-10 westbound. Heavy traffic is expected to emerge along Grand Parkway, (SH-99) at the northbound interchange with the I-10. This is expected to be the main favored alternative for drivers who would usually take the Katy I-10 freeway. The Katy freeway closure is due to construction to help facilitate a smoother interchange at the I-10 and SH-99.

If your weekend travel plans include driving to San Antonio, Austin or the Katy Mills Mall, take the detour and use caution when approaching the construction. Road construction often causes accidents because drivers who aren’t aware of the upcoming road work do not heed signs and slow down enough. Then they are forced to slam on brakes, but often cannot stop quickly enough to avoid hitting another car when the driver suddenly notices slowed or stopped traffic ahead.

Houston car accident attorneys, the Houston Police Department and the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles all want to get the word about this closure and other upcoming construction. Summer tends to be the high season for highway construction and roadworks, and with this, frequently comes an increased incidence of traffic accidents. To keep abreast of the roadworks in your area, check your local news, or this website, and always drive with caution.

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